Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Pushing and Pulling

The Big Push is a campaign to create legislation allowing Certified Profession Midwives (CPMs) to practice in states where they are currently not allowed. If you go to the website, you'll see that Utah is nice and purple and there is currently legislation allowing CPMs to practice. Done and done.


Earlier this year, a bill went through the Utah Senate that was going to amend the current midwifery legislation and limit who can go to a CPM for prenatal and laboring care. These limits included not allowing women with 3 successive miscarriages, a miscarriage after 14 weeks, and even if you had a previous baby more than 9lbs. 15 ounces to use a midwife. It also called for mandatory transfer for multiples, if your fundus measures more than 3 cms greater than your gestation, breech position in labor, and more. What would have happened? Well, a great number of women wouldn't have the option of choosing a midwife.

Luckily, the bill did not go through in that form. There was some "compromise." This amended bill was enacted in March.

Why am I mentioning this now, almost 4 months later?

Next week, on the 9th, there will be a Rules Committee meeting on this bill, so I'll be headed up to the capitol to see how this plays out, and support a woman's ability to choose where and how she births.

I'll be blogging about this the next few days.

And my friends in Salt Lake: since I'll be up there on the 9th for this, maybe we could meet up?

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  1. This new legislation is one reason I really think licensing isn't such a good idea. I wish they would just let them be legal and allow women to make their own choices.


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