Monday, August 11, 2008

Co-sleeping Happiness

I love waking up to Margaret in the morning.

Yesterday, we all woke up around the same time- about 8:30. Hooray! Margaret is back on Utah time and off of the "let's wake up at 7:30 because of Chicago time" habit. :)

Margaret rolled to her tummy, turned to McKay, smiled, turned to me, smiled. I love moments like that!

Then last night, I woke up, trying to find Margaret. She wasn't anywhere! (This is scary because she's now rolling, but I guess if my logic was working I would have realized that if she had rolled off the bed, she would have let us know!) So I pat, pat, pat around. I find her sleeping all snuggled close to McKay. Aww.

I love love love sleeping with Margaret. I credit my full 8 hours of sleep since 2 weeks to it. I credit sleeping in until 8:30 to it. Sure, she doesn't sleep through the night, but I can feed her at night without either of us fully waking up- and I feel like I've gotten a great night's sleep and I'm ready for the day! I definitely recommend it to every new parent. It's hard to get sleep- why make it harder on yourslef? Sleep with your baby.

Need co-sleeping resources? I love Alisa's collection of quotes and studies.


  1. Aw ... you seem so happy! I'm glad that co-sleeping has worked out so well for you. How long do you think you'll do it? Co-sleeping wasn't really effective for us, though. I found we all got a lot more sleep in separate rooms. Soren just wants to play all the time and he's so easily distracted. We'd do a juggling act all night and all three of us would wake up super-cranky.

  2. Amen to all of that! We have coslept with our 3, and will do it with number 4 when s/he gets here! It is the best!

  3. Cute!! I'm glad it works so well for you. Maybe Margaret can give Chloe some tips on sleeping, as she still wakes up 3-10 times a night. At least with her cosleeping I'm not running around the house that many times a night!


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