Tuesday, August 12, 2008


If we had pics, I'd have posted this on our family blog.

I love dating. We have some friends that we've been hanging out with a lot and hanging out with them means we date more. I guess it's like a double date, then, with 2 babies.

This weekend we saw Wall*E (I now make a better effort to walk and recycle and spend more time dreaming about my off-the-grid dream home). And we went to the Aquarium! And then last night we went up to Soldier Hollow and watched the meteor shower (which continues tonight).

There were some mighty awesome meteors; I like the orange ones. It was chilly up in the mountains. We put Margaret in this great knit outfit that I got from the Baby A Baby swap, and I wore her in the sling, under my jacket. She fell asleep there. We left before the peak of the shower (2-3am), but not as soon as we'd liked, because, well, McKay tripped an alarm and got the cops on us.

He needed to use the restroom, and there was a building nearby. After going in and not finding the lights to the restroom, he decided it would be better to not go if he can't see. Frankly, I don't get that because he's a guy and has more control of such aiming, but whatever. Anyway, as we decide to leave, the state park police guy comes driving up because McKay tripped some kind of alarm and wanted to make sure we weren't some hooligans. Oh yes, a couple of married couples with baby girls. We are on the edge here!

Well, he runs McKay and Sea_Guy's licenses and inspects the building and discovers that no, we did not graffiti the walls and eventually let us go. But we got back later than we planned.

So much later, in fact, that it's a quarter to 10 and Margaret is still asleep. Woohoo!

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  1. wow, cops huh? Living on the edge! I've had run-ins with cops in my younger rebellious days, but I really was up to no good haha.


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