Wednesday, August 06, 2008

How I Celebrated

So I've been gone for a week. I'm back now. The posts that posted on the weekend I made up early and scheduled to post. I hope you enjoyed them.

Ooh. What did I do for WBW?

Well, Friday was the start! Since I was visiting my parents in Chicago, I decided to look up if there were any LLL meetings in the area. And behold! The one in Schaumburg (where the LLLI headquarters are) is on the first Friday of the month! August 1st! Hooray!

And who's going to skip an opportunity like that? Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures, but I did get support and confidence. There's nothing like an LLL meeting to boost you. I've been struggling with Margaret- she prefers to eat lying down, but I got some practice time sitting up. It's nice to practice with people watching who aren't going to freak out about a nipple or areola showing.

Then that day, Margaret and I headed down to Chicago with a friend and met up with more friends. There was some beach volleyballing, but Margaret was tired, so we tried a different sport: beach breastfeeding. Speaking of sports, I have a friend who went spelunking and breastfeeding that day.

It was really nice to just sit with her on the beach.

Yesterday, we came home and stopped by the Salt Lake City Public Library to check out the breastfeeding cafe. That was fun, too. Margaret got a little gold medal that said, "I got the golden opportunity, I was breastfed!" I'll have to take a picture.

But happy World Breastfeeding Week! Let the parties continue!


  1. I had a babe that preferred nursing laying down also, it gets frustrating for sure.
    I miss going to the Breastfeeding Cafe down in Salt Lake!! We're going to have one up here, but it won't be the same, at.all.

  2. You'll notice in that picture at the beach, I'm obviously sitting up (who wants sand in their clothes?) We are doing much better with the sitting up and nursing thing!

  3. Welcome back! It sounds like you had a fun I'm jealous - I need a vacation!

  4. I love the breastfeeding cafe! You should of told me you were in town; we could have gone together! Alas, I took my sister this weekend instead. She was really weirded out but, hey, it's good for her. Yeah for nursing!


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