Thursday, August 28, 2008

Post 401

So yesterday's post was #400. Sorry it wasn't that special.

Today's is a tag from Meg. Figured I'd do it since tomorrow is Margaret's 5 month birthday

Name and meaning: Margaret Lynn. "Margaret" means pearl. She's named after my grandma (first name) and my grandpa (second name).
Age: Turns 5 months tomorrow
Birthday: March 29, 2008
Favorite activities: Army crawling, singing, going for walks
Favorite foods: Breastmilk
Least favorite foods: Breastmilk after I eat limes- gives her a diaper rash and colic.
Favorite music: Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, but that's because I play it a lot in the background. She really likes songs with hand motions: Popcorn, Wise Man Foolish Man, Itsy Bitsy Spider
Favorite toys: Pink Snoopy Rattle. If I had known that 50 cents would make her so happy...
Favorite item of clothing: Dresses. She eats them. It's one of the few items of clothing that she can grab and then get into her mouth while still wearing it.
What makes her happy: Other people acknowledging her. She loves other people. We were at the grocery store yesterday and every time we passed someone, she'd get exciting and wave her arms. It was sad when they didn't acknowledge her.
What makes her sad: Getting bumps. She's great at sitting up, but occasionally it ends with a bump on the ground or bath tub. And teething. Her first tooth is at gum-level now; it's not under the gum any more, but it's not up, either.

Back to my regularly planned soap box tomorrow. :)


  1. McKay told me the middle name was after his mother!!! :( (Actually he said there's lots of people in the families with Lynn so I'll continue in my delusion)


  2. Toby loves Itsy Bitsy Spider! I was trying to think of more hand motion-y songs but couldn't remember how Wise Man/Foolish Man went, and apparently Book of Mormon Stories is not acceptable to 7 month olds. You'll have to show me some songs or something next time we meet up. Also how to knit. I'm just sayin' ;)


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