Friday, August 22, 2008

Posts I've enjoyed this Week

So I love reading blogs and sometimes I come across posts I've particularly enjoyed. Instead of re-blogging what everyone else has already blogged, I've decided to link some of my favorites here.

If I really like this I might do this every week.

Early in this week, I read a lot about sad things. If you click on these links, I'm not responsible for you crying. Ok?
First sad post
Beautiful essay
Reading about miscarriages brought me here- things to say/not say
And here

And how could I not read about birth?
This inspired my doula post
A friend had a baby! Many congrats to her!
Vocalizing during birth helps you!
I've been meaning to mention the Birth Survey- you can take it even if you had a homebirth. Take it if you've had a baby in the past 3 years. Seriously. It'll be a great help for future mommas. Seriously. TAKE IT!

AP Topics (babywearing, breastfeeding, etc)
There's a Babywearing Blogroll- did you know that?
Jesus was Breastfed (and born UC)
Didn't see this coming!
Breastfeeding shirt- I love the Wilson Clan- all three babes were UC! She's awesome and inspiring.

Dairy-free recipes
Taco Pie
Rice Crispy Treats

Things I covet
Stitch markers!
Pretty homemade onesie

Funniest thing I read all week: Laser Bazooka!


  1. thanks for the linky love. :) I've been thinking I need to do a linky love post of my own soon.

  2. Okay that is totally UNFAIR to spring those tear-jerker posts on me. Well I guess you *did* put a disclaimer any case, I like the idea of a links post. I may steal that idea next week.

  3. Yay! I qualify as your friend!! :)


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