Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So when the Ditch the Disposables Challenge occurred, I didn't choose to ditch the diapers because we have to use a laundromat.

But after some thought and buying almost a whole stock of diapers last Wednesday for $10, we're ditching the disposables.

Good bye, sposies!

We've been using cloth in the day since Friday, along with ECing part of the day. Because we still have a bag of disposables, we're using them at night until I can make more longies. I don't have any diaper covers that fit her (we have newborns and small), but I do have wool yarn and lots of it. So right now we're using a wool soaker I knit while I was pregnant and some longies we got as gifts. In the meantime, I'm knitting some more longies and I bought some sweaters from DI that will be turned into soakers and longies.

I'll be discussing the happiness of wool as diaper covers on my knitting blog later this week and will probably post a "How to turn wool sweaters into diaper covers" tutorial there, too.

Ooh extra bonus: There's a laundry service in the area called Do it Simple. They are considering doing a cloth diapering service and I get to be one of their trial people! Starting this Thursday for a week, I get diapers at my door and they'll take them away and clean them! They're supplying the diapers, covers, baking soda for odors, diaper pail. All I have to do is fill out a survey of how I like it. :) This'll give me more time to knit up some soakers and longies.


  1. How on earth did you find a stash for $10??!! Wow!

  2. My parents used cloth diapers for me and my sister ... they just used a laundry service like you are going to use. They loved it. My sister and I were so sensitive skinned anyway that the disposable diapers at the time wouldn't have worked. Good luck! I'm sure you'll love it!

  3. A momma in our playgroup is going all organic and was trying to sell her stash. After weeks of trying, she was going to give up and just give it away. I offered her $10 and she jumped at that. Now I've got somewhere between 20 and 30 flats and 4 prefolds. And a bunch of small fitteds that'll be used for whenever I happen to have another baby. :)

  4. Wow a free diaper service! How awesome for you!

  5. Congratulations on being chosen for the trial! Their prices look like they may cheaper than going to a laundromant!

  6. It never ceases to amaze me how well connected you are. A free diaper service! Congrats! I love cloth diapers and I'm sure you will too.

  7. Hi, I am Becca Robinson. I just found your blog and read your birth story! How awesome. I would love to ask you some questions about it.
    I had a water birth with a midwife at a hospital. I also use cloth diapers. I also breastfeed and make my own baby food.
    Anyhow, take care.



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