Monday, September 01, 2008

Ditch the Disposables

Crunchy Domestic Goddess is hosting a Ditch the Disposables Challenge for September and October.

I think I'll join in! Good bye paper towels! And bottled water!

I'd do the diaper thing, but without a washer and dryer, it's just as expensive to do cloth. Ugh. Someday I'll have a washer and dryer and $300 worth of all-in-ones, pockets, or other sort of diaper...

And for those of you in our area, Good Earth Natural Foods is selling a Kleen Kanteen-like bottle. Stainless Steel, no aluminum! I've got to head over there!


  1. Don't forget, that even with the cost, cloth diapers spare your daughter from chemicals that can impair her fertility and cause infections, which is why those samke chemicals were banned from tampons over 20 years ago.

    Having said that, I understand your dilemma. Now that we have a working dryer, we are back on cloth!!

  2. And you don't have to spend $300 on cloth diapers. Which is not to say that the pricey ones aren't really cool and handy. But once you get used to it, nothing feels better for your conscience and your pocketbook than a sack of triple ply and a couple of plastic pants.

  3. Thank you Heather! I'm going to do it too! And I challenged everyone who reads my blog to join us! Woohoo!


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