Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Favorite posts this past week(ish)

This didn't get done on Saturday, forgive me. Or at least ignore me.

Birth- there were a few Cesarean articles this past week and a half
Is a cesarean really safer for a breech birth?
Cesarean reduces mother's response to baby
Humanizing the C-section
Wow. Homebirth is a bigger threat than AIDS!!!
Birth Art- thank you, Brightonwoman for posting this! Now I have more things to covet

Formula Feeding increases breast cancer risk

Going Green
Actually, brown.

A Yummy Recipe!

Funny Stories about kids
How did Mom get pregnant?
Toilet Brush

About that coveting...
If you didn't click on the birth art link, you should! Go to the etsy shop! My two favorites are "In All Her Power" because it reminds me of my labor and "Waterbirth" because it reminds me of Margaret's birth. Good thing Christmas is coming up!

Oh and I edited the "Love your Body" post with that link to Abby's Shape of a Mother entry. If you didn't go back to see it, here it is again. Abby- you get 2 linkys! Abby is an amazing person. She has had all three of her babies at home, unassisted. And she has a blog.

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