Monday, September 08, 2008

Love your body

When I was at the Utah Valley Women's Expo, there seemed to be an overall theme:


Pretty depressing. The booth next to us was giving out hormonal treatments and botox. One booth had a sign, "If your dimples aren't limited to your smile..." referring to cellulite. There were a more than a couple of booths that advertised laser hair removal and weight loss.

Looking at all this, well, it made me mad. It made me mad that they feel like they can prey off of women's insecurities and I was mad that women feel like they need this! I seriously wanted to tear down all of those signs and advertisements. I'm sick of being told that my body isn't good enough because it is good enough. My body is amazing- I grew another whole being inside me and that little person has gained 10 pounds on my milk alone. Sure it has altered my body, but do I really want to look like a prepubescent child? I'm not ashamed of having a baby and being a mother, so stop telling me I should be. You are getting on my nerves!

One lady's booth was for boudoir pictures (ooh-la-la!). We chatted and she advertised her hair and makeup artist at her studio and also that she does Photoshop out stretch marks. I mentioned that I like mine and she was surprised. The way my stretch marks line up makes it look like tiger or zebra stripes were tattooed to my body. Seriously. I think I look like an exotic dancer. I should get into belly dancing...

I have a friend- the one who invited me to go sell the HugaMonkey slings at the Expo. She has a Shape of a Mother entry. I love it. Reading her entry and chatting with some friends since my pregnancy and birth has made me love my body. I would link to that entry, but it's technically anonymous, so I'll protect her anonymity unless she's ok with me linking to it. :)

LINKY!! She's ok with me linking to it!

When I was in high school and junior high, I was pretty self conscious about my body. I went from a size 0 to a size 8 over a summer. Now, I know size 8 is a very lovely size, but when you're in high school and everyone else is a 2, well, you feel fat. It also doesn't help when you hear things like, "Oh you're over 100 pounds now- you're getting up there!" and "Ha! You could never work for Hooters- you're breasts aren't big enough." And when the first boy who tells you that you're beautiful is just trying to see how far he can go with you... yeah. I was definitely thinking, "That's the first time anyone's ever said that I'm beautiful... It's kind of pathetic that this is who it's coming from."

But anyway, insecurities galore.

Enough of the rambling. Let's get with the point of all this.
Women: You are beautiful. And amazing. If you are in a sad place and feel insecure, go to Go to Feel secure! Feel strong! Instead of worrying about shedding pounds, shed the decades of cultural propaganda that tell you that your body isn't good enough.

Mothers: tell your daughters they're beautiful. And your sons, too. They need to hear it- I know men can be equally insecure. And dads, you should tell your daughters that they are beautiful, too. They need to hear it from you. Don't let the first boy to say that to them be an 18 year old who's thinking with the wrong head. Let your children hear how you love your body- and theirs.

And this won't be my last rant on this- believe me.


  1. Ditto times 1000. It took me so much to get where I am today...loving my curves with no reserves.
    p.s. I could never hate were the first person to propose to me.

  2. I find the women's expo even more sad because it's in the heart of Mormon-dom and we're supposed to honor our bodies...and yet there are very high rates of plastic surgery in Utah! crrrraaazy.

    Anyway. I still do have occasional body issues. I find that they go away when I'm exercising regularly.

  3. I read that Salt Lake City has more plastic surgeons per capita than any other city in the US. I think that is really sad, and a little bit shocking.

  4. I love this. I was inspired just reading it! I think I will dedicate a post to this topic too... and link your to your thoughts! Awesome.

  5. link it baby, link it! :)


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