Monday, September 22, 2008


So Margaret will put everything in her mouth. I've heard a lot of people say, "My baby was just so interested in food so early!" Perhaps Margaret's interested in food? How can you tell the difference between interest in food and exploring with her mouth? I had no clue. You

So McKay decided to do an experiment.

We took a Twix and set the wrapper and the candy in front of her. She'll have two choices: edible or shiny.

She chose shiny.

So we concluded she's still more interested in exploring with her mouth than eating. Not that we'd let her eat the Twix- no refined sugar for her yet!

Also the other day, I was at Ikea and I bought some ice cube trays (the long ones at this site). Fill up a tray with breastmilk and you get momscicles! Margaret loves them- I think she's teething and it's nice and cold on her gums.


  1. Random parenting question: when is the ideal time to ween a baby?

    Did I ever mention that in Uruguay (especially in the country) breast-feeding doesn't stop until the kid is like five?

  2. Well, technically weaning starts as soon as you feed them something other than breastmilk. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding exclusively for 6 months and then continuing the breastfeeding relationship for a minimum of 2 years. It seems (and I'll find info on this) that the world wide weaning age averages around 3. Some people practice Child-led weaning and go by their child's cues. The people I know who've done that usually wean completely around 3/4 years.

  3. Heather, thank you for having such an informed and encouraging website for breastfeeding. You are awesome! Oh, and I LOVE the momsickle idea!

  4. How scientific! When Wren started showing interest in food it was by staring at it as it went into my mouth with a starving look, and stealing it off my plate...

  5. What a great idea with the ice cube trays!

    My friends son self weaned himself at 8 months! She wasn't trying to wean him and she frankly did not believe in self weaning, her son proved her wrong. I know with Nicholette, she's weaning herself. She's really only interested in her early morning breastfeeding now and she turns a year next week.

  6. Well, something that doesn't get mentioned much is that in the 7-9 month(ish) range, some babies go on nursing strikes. They aren't weaning, just striking. This can be mistaken as weaning, but it's very very rare for a baby to wean on their own before the age of 1.

  7. Momsicles... great idea! I may want to try that too!


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