Tuesday, September 16, 2008

That time of the year when everything's green...

I think I've always had a green tendency. When I worked the summer after high school at Think Ink, a screen-printing shop, I could buy shirts and such for wholesale prices. Before I went to college that fall, I made sure that I bought a couple of cloth bags for groceries.

Maybe it started before then. I remember the recycling unit in second grade. They ingrained into our brains all types of information about landfills and garbage and how the earth was running out of space for our crap. I ran home (well, took the bus) and told my mom we needed to recylce NOW!

No matter how it started, I need to be more green. So here's a green post, just for all of you.

Things I do now to save the earth

  • Breastfeed- no bottles to clean (saves water!), no cans to throw away (saves landfill space!).
  • Walk as much as possible. We live in a good location for this. In Provo, church is no more than a few blocks away, so we walk. We are also in a great location: the park is 2 blocks down, the grocery store is 2 blocks down, the library is 3 blocks down, campus is 1/2 a mile with McKay's classes at 1 mile away. I can even be crafty! The fabric store is practically across the street and the yarn store is only 5 blocks away (huzzah!). I even walk to the laundromat with a baby on my front and a bag of laundry on my back. Eventually I'll need to get a wagon for that, because someday I'll get pregnant again, and Margaret + baby in my belly is going to be a little too much for my front. Anyway, almost everything is in walking distance*.
  • Try to buy organic. It's more expensive, but it means less pesticides and other crap in my food and on the fields where it's grown.
  • Try to buy local. We went to the farmer's market on Saturday (and we walked!) and bought a watermelon. When you walk to the farmer's market, the only things you'll want to buy are going to be juicy.
  • Consolidating errands. I now have "errand days." All my in-walking-distance errands are done on Thursdays. All my car-required ones are on Mondays. Yesterday I even went onto Google Earth to map out the best route for my driving.
  • Use cloths for washing instead of paper towels. I try to buy eco-friendly cleaners, too. I use baking soda for our clothes and Simple Green for our bathroom right now. Admittedly, Simple Green is all chemicals, but it's biodegradable, so it counts for something. When we finish our bottle, we'll probably switch away from chemicals.
  • Reusing! Re-purposing! This really pertains to my favorite hobby: knitting. I have 5 bags of yarn in my closet that were once other things. I unravelled the projects and now have yarn! A lady in our playgroup goes to the thrift store to buy wool sweaters to turn into wool soakers and longies. When we cloth diaper, we're definitely doing it.
  • Cloth grocery bags- I mentioned that above.
  • Hand-me-downs and freecycle. A lot of Margaret's clothes are hand-me-downs. And you won't believe how lucky I've been in the Freecycling realm- we've gotten some great things. Don't send things to the dump! Re-use them!
  • Natural birth. I wonder how making the drugs such as the epidural affect the environment.
  • Those energy-saving lightbulbs. All but 2 light bulbs in our house are these.
  • Buying items with little or no packaging. Still working on this.
Things I'd like to do in the future
  • Go no 'poo. I'm slowly working on it. My hair has been so chemically attacked, it's going to take a while. I'm in the "wash your hair every other day instead of daily" stage. I'm considering cold-turkey, though. Margaret has gone no 'poo, though. Her hair looks great! :)
  • Cloth diapers. The biggest obstacle is the laundromat. In the meantime, I need to be more vigilant in ECing.
  • NO MORE PAPER TOWELS. This means you too, McKay!
  • Future-future: my dream house. Off the grid, huge garden, compost pile, homesteading.
  • Raw food diet, perhaps. I'm curious about it.
  • No more disposable menstrual products. Brightonwoman talks about the cup-variety here, but has also sewn her own.
I've enjoyed the Green Baby Guide. There are some other green blogs I follow, I'll post their links as I run across them.

Until then, I have a date with the park.

*Everything is in walking distance if you have the time. -Steve Wright.


  1. I have posted about cloth pads too (last spring). Just search 'reusable menstrual products' in my label cloud. :)

  2. when you said "no 'poo" i though you meant, well, actual poo. andi thought, "how is she going to get rid of that and exactly how will that effect the environment?"

    but now i get it, so SHAMpoo. gotcha. very nice.

  3. I also thought that no 'poo was no poop. And that would be weird.

    Anyways, you really are amazing. Good on you and thanks for taking such good care of our earth!

  4. Ummm, I don't know about the "no poo" idea... but I will read up on it :)

    Great list!

  5. I read up on the no poo concept...I'd actually like to try it but I'm not sure I'd enjoy or look even close to decent during the transitional period...maybe when i'm not working full time or meeting potentials at the grocery store ;)

  6. They also make reasonably priced shampoos that are chemical free, such as Desert Essences and Aubrey Organics (two of my favorites). Going straight no poo scares me ... but if you do it I'm excited to see if it works!


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