Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weird Wednesday

I know a lot of blogs that do "Wordless Wednesday." It's kind of fun, I think. I've even considered doing it.

Then I had a dream last night. As I was explaining it to McKay, I realize the strangeness really is beyond words.

So now you all get to read about my crazy dream. It's really typical for me to have crazy dreams- I've once said that if not for my crazy dreams, there would be no reason to fall asleep, it'd be too boring.

So last night...

I was visiting my in-laws with McKay. I think it was some sort of family reunion because lots of people were there...Melinda, Mandi, etc. I know this because there were 4 newborns, also typical for the family. They were all asleep in this room together: a pair of twins and then 2 other babies. All snuggled up. I went into that room to lie down to sleep, too. I re-arranged the babies and then Deia complained about it being too light in the room- I guess she was trying to sleep too. I tried closing the blinds, which took a while because blinds are fidgety and there were 2 windows.

And then my mother-in-law wanted to go shopping. So Rick, my father-in-law drives me and her to the store. The store was this trailer with all types of crappy souvenir-type items, but Sheri wanted to go out and look at everything anyway. I was still sitting in the car when Rick was like, "You should go shopping, too. It'll make Sheri happy." Of course you want to be on your MIL's good side, so I do go in. Lots of T-shirts, hats, costume jewelry. And I was saying, "oh cute!" to the weirdest things.

Then McKay was in there with a plate with a brownie on it. "Try this brownie!" Ok. It was very good- very gooey. Then we catch up with Sheri- she's trying to file a complaint to the store. She wanted some measurement in metric, but they only gave her standard. She complained about it the last time she was here and upset that they hadn't addressed it yet. So she was writing up another complaint and explaining that if they didn't start using metric measurements, everything would turn yellow. Seriously: yellow cars, pencils, trees...everything in the world: yellow.

So I don't know what that's all about but it was a weird dream. I love my weird dreams. Oh and at one point in the dream, I was driving a Model T Ford. All the other cars were passing me up and my headlights weren't very bright (it was just a bicycle lamp that I attached to the car, because we all know Model T's didn't have headlights). I don't remember where that part factored in...

And I can't explain how weird it was to type that and use my mother-in-law's first name. Strange... If we were in the same ward and not related, I'd definitely be calling her "Sister Farley." I once called her "Mrs. Farley" on the phone and she tried to tell me, "Heather, 'Mrs. Farley' is my mother-in-law."

Mine, too, Sheri. Mine, too. :)


  1. Who did the twins belong to? (I hope it wasn't me!)

  2. You always have fun dreams. I used to keep a log of mine and I found that my dreams only got stranger and more fun as I recorded them regularly.


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