Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I love cafepress. They have the coolest shirts there. One of my favorite stores is Evil Genius Woman's store.

My favorite is the shirt with this printed on it:
So much of what is marketed to little girls (and women in general) boxes them into stereotypes. I try to avoid clothing that does that- hence me "fixing" some of Margaret's onesies earlier this year.

I saw this the other day and enjoyed it. The other Target: Women segments are great, too.


  1. Best shirt ever. I hate most of the clothing they have for girls. It's so... ARGH. If I was a girl growing up right now, I would seriously be shopping in the boy's section.

    Not that I didn't do that often when I was growing up :)

    This is one reason I am glad I didn't have a girl, and why I hope my next (and last) is a boy. All this crap that is targeted specifically at little girls drives me crazy. It's not as bad for boys, thank goodness.

    (Bratz dolls make me want to kill myself.)

  2. I LOVE that shop now! Thanks for sharing!


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