Thursday, October 30, 2008


So I had the best intentions to do a Day In the Life post taking a picture every hour. It worked for the morning, not so much in the afternoon.

8:16. My baby was asleep.

9:05 The baby woke up and took a bath! She wasn't actually in need of a bath, but I needed a shower and the best way to get a shower is to sit her in the tub, too.

This next picture looks mischievous. Really, I just can't frame a picture.

10:30 We gave a lady in the ward a ride to a surgery rehab place- in the waiting room there were birds. I also got lectured on not abusing my baby (and also that I shouldn't use the word 'kid') from an old man in the waiting room. I was just playing on the floor with Margaret, so I don't know what merited the lecture- I'm sure he was just trying to be kind. How do you respond to that though? "Don't worry. I love her and take good care of her?"

Later I went to the store with a friend. We were getting stuff to make Halloween treats.

These are supposed to be candy corn shaped. At least some are triangular?

I don't know when this next one was taken...

Halloween Party! I think the red eye makes them look more evil :)

We won cookies for best themed family. And a little house-favorite prize. :)
And for those of you concerned- it's a wig. I didn't dye my hair. :)


  1. I took the picture of Margaret right after I took the picture of the candy corn cookies.

  2. I love the picture of her in the bath! So cute!

    Seriously, I'm droolin here just looking at them. They are very cute. :)


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