Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hot hot teething

So she slept until noon with a small fever yesterday (100). She was her good ol' self until LLL that night when the fever came back and she went back to nursing and falling asleep at the breast. After I got home, we took her temperature: 102. Plus she's projectile spitting up. Or vomiting. What's the difference between spit up and breastmilk vomit? It seems the same to me. I'm glad we still sleep on a towel at night. The towel was originally to keep my overactive letdown from soaking the bed. Now it's used for surprise spit ups in the night. And my overactive letdown, which is still pretty full force 6 months later.

We did get some progress, though. The tooth that McKay projected Saturday to come in did break through last night. From what I can tell, their fever goes away once the tooth breaks through, so I'm sure it's not long now. She now has 3 bottom teeth.

Maybe it's bad of me, but I was kind of hoping this was something like rubella or mumps or even fifth's disease or chickenpox. Nothing like getting your childhood diseases before they'll actually hurt you and then receiving life-long immunity. Darn it. Sorry everyone. The mumps party won't happen.

When she wakes up, it's off to the laundromat for us ($1 washes on Thursdays!). I feel bad taking her out, but our laundry does need to get done. She can just nurse and cuddle the whole time if she'd like. And sometime today I need to get to the grocery store. It's been two weeks since I've gone and we've run out of milk and eggs and any breakfast foods. I made pancakes this morning out of water, flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. Not bad, but they would have been better with milk and eggs.

And we'll see if we go to playgroup or the EC meeting...


  1. Vomit smells like vomit, even if it's breastmilk. At least that is my experience. Although if she just ate it may be hard to tell the difference. Poor baby, I hope she starts feeling better now that the tooth is through.

  2. Soren had fifth's disease a couple of weeks ago. I should have brought him down so Margaret could get good and sick! I agree, let's get those childhood diseases good and used up before they become really harmful. Especially if you're still nursing!

  3. I hope Margaret gets better soon! Sariah never spat up all as a baby, pretty amazing. Bekah, however spat up quite a bit during her first month.

  4. And the vomit has that cat-sick sound, which it unmistakable if you've ever heard it. I hope she feels better soon! I had a friend whose baby would throw up whenever she cut a tooth.
    On the disease note, pity there's no vaccination need for roseola or everyone could have had a party at my place this week!


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