Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Issues that I care about

Sifting through issues is time consuming. So here's a rundown of what I actually care about and my thoughts on the matter. It's not comprehensive, for sure. Every time I go to a candidate's page I run into something that turns me off from them and it seems like the issues I'm passionate about change as I go from page to page. It's very, "Oh. That's a great idea....wait, they want to do what? Let's find a candidate that won't suggest that... Oh. Here's one. Good Good, wait, no. Not with you on that issue... find a new candidate..." It goes in circles. I think I've been to most every candidate's page 40 times in this cycle.

Individual Liberties
This covers a lot, especially now that I'm a parent. I want to be able to choose where and how my children are schooled. I want to be able to choose what gets pumped into my and my children's bodies. I definitely want to choose where I give birth.

This gets complicated. You could go and call on the Constitution Party or Libertarian Party because they're all about personal liberties, but their stance on immigration is intense. I think a lot of people come to America for refuge and they should be free to do so without having to jump through crazy amounts of hoops. We should be encouraging towards immigration and helping others out. So I have to find another party that supports both individual liberties and immigration. (good luck...)

I definitely believe in bodily integrity. People should be well informed before pumping stuff into their bodies or permanently changing them. This is why I'm letting Margaret make her own decision about piercing her ears. Bodily integrity is also why we plan on keeping our sons intact. If they want to be circumcised that can be their choice, but I won't permanently modify their bodies for cosmetic reasons. It's also why we're delaying/not-vaxing. In my book, vaccinations fall in the same realm of permanently altering their bodies- they can choose that for themselves if they want it.

These issues fall, not only under individual liberties, but under health as well- which with various healthcare platforms this year, it makes it an interesting voting year. I am cautious about universal health care plans- even though none of the plans mean "mandatory health care," I worry that a universal health care plan may become a stepping stone towards mandatory health care. Would this affect a woman's choice in birthing settings? Would this affect my children's bodily integrity?

But I do know people are in bankruptcy because of health care costs- and that is wrong. It's probably better to help them out than to hesitate because of "what might happen." I do want to err on the side of charity in social issues. It makes me upset when people are Scrooges with their money and don't want to help out issues like Social Security and Medicaid because people "might" take advantage of it. I'd rather give freely than not. There was this guy once who said some important things on this matter...

Still working on who I support politically, though.

If you watched the debate last night, head on over to and check out which numbers were real and which were made up.

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