Friday, October 03, 2008

Life Update

Life's been pretty good lately. I've started eating green smoothies for breakfast. Yesterday I made 4 cups of spinach/strawberry smoothie. I can't eat 4 cups of smoothie, so I saved half for today. I liked today's better. I don't know if it's because my mouth was expecting spinach for breakfast or because I had chilled it in the fridge. I wonder if chilling it hurt its nutritional value...

Also in the life realm, the diaper service dropped off the first diapers yesterday. The service isn't as eco-friendly as I'd hoped: no reusable diaper pail liners nor reusable wipes. I'll have to mention that in the survey, but the diapers are FANTASTIC. Bum Genius One-Size. Margaret's butt is so spoiled. So we get a week of Bum Genius. Fabulous. It actually makes me want to buy some Bum Genius diapers.

Plus on Thursday, we had a great EC day. I didn't catch everything, but I did catch every poop. That's something. Yesterday we just missed one poop. Plus Thursday night, I had nursed Margaret to sleep and then I went over to a friend's to play Twister. I figured McKay could watch her if she woke up, plus it was late so I wasn't sure if she would wake up at all. Well, an hour into the evening, I got a call from McKay.

"Did she wake up?"
"Does she need me?"
"I caught a pee!"

Woohoo! McKay has caught a pee. He said that she woke up, he was holding her by the computer and she was grunting and stuff, so he figured he'd put her on the potty. And sure enough!

So yeah. ECing is working out pretty well right now. Bum Genius is amazing. And spinach was on sale for 77 cents a bunch, so I'm having green smoothies. Plus General Conference is this weekend. October has been pretty kind if you ask me.

Oh- and lack of pictures of Margaret is due to lack of our laptop. It's in the shop getting a makeover, so I'm using our desktop which means I'm not uploading pictures at the moment.


  1. I used cloth diapers for all my kids and totally LOVED them! Mind you, my youngest are 19 years old now -- I wasn't doing it to "be green" - "green" wasn't in back then! LOL! But I loved them anyway - much softer on baby's butt than those stupid PAPER disposables! (although I admit, disposables have come a loooong way in the past 20 years!)

  2. Oh, my green smoothies are ALWAYS cold and frozen. I use frozen spinach (get a big bag of fresh at costco and freeze it) and add lots of frozen fruits. SO much better :)

  3. So ... what does EC mean?

  4. I've got a couple of those BumGenius (pink and green) and use them when we're on an outing. They are pretty nice!

    I've always just used a face cloth and a dish of water to wipe with. If there's poo I wipe the bulk of the mess off with toilet paper and use the cloth for the final clean-up. The cloth just gets washed with dark knits. It's a way around the disposable wipe issue and I think it's healthier. :-)

    I don't think chilling your smoothie should hurt it. They say that frozen vegetables have the same nutritional value as fresh ones.

  5. Hooray for cloth diapers! That's awesome how well you guys are doing with ECing too :) Are you using the bum genius onesize? I've been looking into those...find it kind of hard to believe they would fit on a newborn you think they will? I am definitely leaning toward those when I build my stock up! :)

  6. Meg: I use the BumGenius Onesize and they work great! I would use regular disposable newborn diapers until the meconium goes away because I heard it is harder to clean. I think they might still fit on a newborn though, depending on the size of your baby. Plus, all the diapers come with a newborn insert. You can read about my experience here:

    The only thing that I don't like about them is that their regular inserts are SO thick they take more rinses to get clean.

  7. Thanks for the info Carrie! Sorry for hacking your comments, Heather! I hope that your laptop gets fixed quickly so that we can see more pictures of your cute little Margaret :)

  8. I just cut up flannel and terry cloth fabric to make reusable wipes and put them in a container of water, baby shampoo and mineral oil. EC sounds interesting but I am still asking my two year old every 20 minutes if she needs to go potty so I think I'll wait awhile to get the one year old trained. By the way I tagged you for something on my blog :)

  9. Are those smoothies good? They sound yummy. Do you use equal parts spinach and berry?


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