Monday, October 20, 2008


I was hesistant to post this because I didn't want to sound TAMN-ish.

You know those giveaways on blogs that it seems like everyone else wins but not you? I won one. This one.

Huzzah! New sling! Cute clothes! Lotions I don't know a whole lot about, but will be still very exciting!


  1. TAMN = Gratitude Suppressor. I find myself seriously tempering my expressions of thankfulness. Bummer.

    (Did you hear her on Access Utah? SSB has gotten 600k hits in less than 5 months.)

    And, congrats!!

  2. I agree with Jane. TAMN is a gratitude suppressor. I often find myself sounding like her satire and then I go to her website and stick out my tongue at the monitor. Because I think it's not right to poke fun at happy people, even if they are a little misguided.


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