Monday, October 20, 2008

Meta Blogging

I was thinking about why I blog. When I started blogging 3 years ago, it was sort of like a creative writing assignment for myself. Now it's a little bit more like a soap box. That is probably an understatement.

I've been thinking about what I want out of blogging.

A part of me has been wanting a creative blog again. A part of me wants to combine my knitting blog with this one. A part of me wants to have a funny blog on the lines of lowercase "L" or the unnecessary quotes blogs. A part of me wants a great information-packed blog. And another part of me is still confused why I called this blog "The Bee in Your Bonnet" or "It's All About the Hat"- I'm still working on which one I actually prefer, if either.

And then there's blogs I enjoy like What About Mom even though I'm not 100% sure what it's about.

What do you blog about? Has your blog changed form? Who is your main audience?

And if you want to explain this to me: What do you think my blog is about?


  1. My blog has definitely evolved. I originally created a blog as a way to update my in-laws on our family when we moved away. But then I started making new friends and hanging out with new groups, and started tailoring my posts to appeal to those readers. My blog is now a natural-living family blog, I guess you could say. I still have family updates, but also have opinion posts and information posts that have to do with crunchy-type ideals. I think my main audience includes my crunchy friends and my in-laws.

    I used to have another blog that was just beginning to get some net-wide attention when it got accidentally deleted. :( I hope to build my reader base back up again.

    I think your blog is also a natural living family blog. You have a good sense of humor, but it's not strictly a funny blog either. I don't know why you couldn't incorporate knitting on this blog, since it all fits in with your crunchy lifestyle.

  2. I think your blog is about whatever is on your mind. That is why it is continually involving. I think you have a focus right now, but that it will continue to change as you continue to change the things you are thinking most about. I actually intend to post about why I blog one of these days too, but I think I prefer to keep mine open and general so that I can blog about whatever catches my fancy for the day.

  3. If you delete your blog I will be sad. Very, very sad.

    I like reading it because it's informative. I like getting your opinion on things because I think you're smart and I respect you.

    Also, you're basically awesome. So there.

  4. This is something that I've been thinking about a lot lately. I started my blog as a place to talk about the kids for my folks and Jer's folks that live far away. Then, I started another one for knitting. Well, that then turned into just everything. So...I just write about what's going on, random thoughts, and just life in general.
    I write for myself and my posterity, but at the same time, I'd love to maybe inspire someone and have a larger reader base.
    I think that my main reader base are my friends and family.

  5. This is why I've tried to keep my blogs separate. My favorite blogs are those that have a definite purpose, so I don't have to sort through stuff I'm really not interested in.

    If I know you, I'd love to read your blog about your life and see your pictures and make excited shrieks about your good fortune. But if I don't know you and you insist on going on and on about stuff I don't understand / disagree with / have no clue about, then I just don't read your blog. Every blog has an audience and it's good to be aware of that audience.

    I LOVE your blog mostly because it is imbued with so much passion. You post about things you really really care about. And when you post about more mundane things, that's ok too because I know and care about you.

    I also love your blog because of your of the way it illuminates your "fractally weird" mind, as my husband would say. And by that, I mean, you think so differently from the way I do and I really appreciate getting your perspective on things. Especially because of that passion element, which means you're never being coy about what you think.

  6. Hmm. I think my blog is about me -- what I do, what I think, how I spend my time, etc. I don't really have a purpose -- I just post whatever is going on in my life, or whatever is interesting me at the present time.

    What do you think my blog is about?

    I think yours is about your family, and crunchy living, and just your life. Things you care about. That's what I think blogs are supposed to be -- an expression of yourself.

  7. Thanks for the linky love! (I've been trying to decide if you not knowing what my blog is about for sure is the best compliment ever, or a stinging (if unintentional) indictment of my wandering mind).

    The great thing about blogging is that it can be whatever you want, and you can change what you want at anytime. I admire people who approach blogging more professionally, but I get pretty flummoxed whenever I sit down to be more scheduled or purposeful.

    What I like best about your blog is how passionate and thoughtful you are about the things you care/write about.

    I think I am much less 'crunchy' than you, but I admire your crunchiness, and I like to get that peek at what you're doing/thinking and why.

  8. I blog mainly for my family and friends who live far away. Over time it has evolved into a magazine, with various topics designed to promote a specific way of life.

    Your blog is the same.


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