Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blogs and Sites

Takin' it easy this Sunday. Link post!

Favorite Babywearing Blogs
Hathor the CowGoddess If you want to read the comics that are specifically about babywearing, click on "Constant Contact" under "comics" or "Slinging" under "musings" on the right. Heather Cushman-Dowdee has a new website as of August, but hasn't yet tackled babywearing on it- just the regulars like pregnancy and birth and breastfeeding. :)
Stephanie's Adventures in Babywearing
Brightonwoman let me know that she's done some nice babywearing posts. :) Have some linky love!
Amy is the Crunchy Domestic Goddess- you can search for "babywearing"

Great Sites
MamaToto- Videos for different carries for different ages/sizes of baby, How to Make a Carrier
TheBabyWearer- articles, pictures, reviews
WearstheBaby- I started looking a carriers here and ended up reading about ECing... hmm... How did that happen?

My favorite youtube videos.
Tiny baby and gentle daddy Demonstrates how to put a very tiny baby in a cradle position in a wrap. Plus it's very cute.
When Margaret was little I wanted to put her on my back, but I was nervous about using the wrap because I didn't know if I'd get the support where it was needed. I decided after watching this that I owned a piece of fabric that I could tie- no problem.
Little girl shows us how it's done.

ETA: Motrin response video. Twitter was a wildfire last night!
I just checked Motrin's site, and I couldn't get the offending video to work- maybe they've taken it down.

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