Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Do it Yourself!

I was originally going to give step by step instructions with pictures, but there are so many other websites that would do it better than me.

The Wrap.
Easiest by far. You can just go get some $1/yard fabric at your favorite big squashing-the-mom-n-pop-stores retailer. I think around 6 yards is good. Like I mentioned yesterday- knitted fabrics stretch more, so they are nice for little babies, but can sag as the baby gets heavier. Woven fabrics are thicker and warmer and don't stretch much. I have both a knit and a woven wrap. The knit one was great in the summer- it was thin and cool. I use the woven one for cooler weather and for back carriers because it doesn't sag. Now you need to decide how wide you want it. If you want to put the baby on your back, I suggest around 30 inches or more in width. My woven one is 30 inches wide and my knitted one is 20, I think- it has stretched and distorted the width. Both of my wraps, knitted and woven, have a serged edge. You could fold over and do a hem, I'm sure, but the serge looks the easiest if you have access to a serger. That's it.

The Sling
Slings take about 2-1/2 to 3 yards. If the fabric has a print on only one side, you might have to double up. There are lots of places for learning to make a sling. The one I used for the one I made for the giveaway is here because I had 45 inch fabric. The instructions were pretty clear and my favorite part of her site is the page that describes lots of different shoulders. I picked one I liked and knew I could sew- and altered it a little to fit my needs. I got the rings from Slingrings.com and used the 3 inch rings.

The Pouch
I'm really curious about MamaToto's pouch sling. You simply use an old T-shirt. If anyone has experience with that, let me know. I think I might make one today for funsies...

Hathor's "Patterns"
click to enlarge
I totally did this first one with some fabric I had sitting around...

Oh and I bet you want to know who won the sling...


I'll contact you and send it on its way!

Happy end of Babywearing Week! Doing a post a day has certainly taken its toll on me. I'm thinking of taking a week break so I can knit and give my knitting blog some much-needed loving. But don't worry- more to come here! And I never can keep these "promises" of taking a break from my blog. I have so many posts on my mind- one in particular with Santa coming in a month- my experience with Holidays and Mythical Creatures. It's definitely making me think twice before playing Santa with my kids.


  1. Thanks for a great week of babywearing related content! I'd like to try my hand at making my own sling someday!

  2. Hey thank you so much for posting all of these! I think I'll start out with the wrap and see where I go from there! Thanks! :)

  3. WOW! I'm so excited! Thanks so much! That totally made my day!!! :)
    I love reading your blog---you always have such great things to say that make me think. :) I can't wait to read your perspective on the Santa thing---Josh and I have chosen not to do the Santa tradition---I grew up not believing in Santa (though we'd watch Santa movies and my parents would put "from Santa" on some of our packages, but we always knew it was just a fun thing--the hardest part was that we had a family rule that you couldn't tell other kids that Santa wasn't real. (It did get out once---boy was that a fun fight with the cousins....) :)


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