Tuesday, November 25, 2008


As I've been working on my thankful post to be posted on Thursday, I keep going back to how much I'm thankful for my friends and everyone who has supported me. I really think support is the quality I value most in my dearest friends.

It seemed that in my pregnancy, my friends divided themselves into two groups: those, who when they knew my birthing plans said, "That's great. If you need anything let us know- we can bring meals!" and those who said, "I hope that works out- we'll pray for you."

That last phrase was very disheartening. While I don't mind prayers and I know that the people in that second group were trying to be supportive, it was obvious that they were worried. I really didn't need anymore worry- I had thoroughly examined my options and chose what I felt was best- the worrying was over for me. I wanted to spend the remainder of my pregnancy surrounded by happy vibes. When I look back on those days, especially the three weeks I went past my "due date," the friends that are dearest to me were the ones who didn't question my decision. They trusted me to make my own decisions and supported me no matter the outcome.

The first time that I truly appreciated supportive friends happened a few months into our marriage. I had less than a year to finish up my degree in math, but suddenly one December day, I felt very impressed that math wasn't my mission in life. I decided to finish up my degree and then dedicate my life to Project: Pigeon Hole (which, not surprisingly, is a mathematical principle). I told a few people about PPH. McKay was unflaggingly supportive. He told me that if that's what I wanted to do with my life, then he'll support that. If I needed money to travel or handle other expenses related to PPH, we'd find the money. He knew that PPH would be extensive and probably take the better part of the rest of my life. I really didn't expect that sort of reaction from him. To be honest, I expected the reaction that I received later from other people, "Heather, you come up with these ideas, but you never follow through," and "There's no market for something like that!" But none of those things crossed his mind- or at least he didn't show it. He was 100% on board.

Because of the great support I've received, I try to remember to be just as supportive of others. I really feel that more than anything, support makes a true friend.


  1. What's project: pigeon hole? I've never heard of this... :)

  2. I believe with in you, Heather. I always will. As far as pph how sad that people are of such little faith. Personal revelation is no small thing. Have we all forgotten the lessions of Zion's Camp. There was revelation, it was followed, and while it did not tun out as people thought it should it still had great value. How can any of us be so prideful as to determine the value and short or long term outcome of someone elses personal reveltation? Anyway like I said, I believe in you.

  3. What if they don't agree with you?


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