Friday, November 14, 2008

Guest Post: Three Kids in Three Years

This is by Emily Frogley who is in our local AP Playgroup.

I started babywearing when my first was about 10 months old. I was 7 months pregnant at the time, and no main-stream carrier fit me at the time (bjorn, snuggli, etc). I started with a ring sling that allowed me to carry my infant/toddler on my hip around my big belly. When the new baby came, I used the sling to keep her close to me, though I had issues trying to figure out how to hold a newborn in a sling. Later, I made some “buckle tais” (like mei tai’s but with buckles instead of ties) because I needed an easy way for my husband to carry kids when we went to football games & such. These buckle tais worked really well for toddlers worn on our backs, or for older babies worn on the front. Finally, after hearing rave reviews about them, I caved and made a wrap just before baby #3 was born. The wrap is by far the most versatile carrier I’ve ever used and definitely the most comfortable with a newborn. The wrap is especially nice in winter because I can put it on under my coat and leave it on all day, even when the baby is in and out throughout the day.

I love babywearing and I’m not really sure how I’d survive without it. With three children in less than three years, there’s just no other way I could conceivably get any errands done by myself with all three of them without babywearing. I get a lot of adoring looks when I’m wearing my baby, some questioning looks when I’m wearing my toddler, and some crazy looks when I’m wearing two of my children. The best though, is when I have to carry all three at the same time. This usually happens when I have one strapped to the front (usually the baby), and one toddler on my back. Then, for some reason, my other toddler insists on being picked up, and I end up hoisting her onto my hip, with her legs tucked around or under her sisters. It’s especially funny when I’m carrying all three kids and pushing an empty stroller.

Without babywearing, I’d have crying kids most of the time (someone always wants to be held), and I’d either be totally helpless and confined to the house, or I’d be totally stressed out with screaming kids everywhere I go. Instead, my children are quite well-behaved and usually enjoy outings. Also, now they like to choose which carriers to ride in.

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