Wednesday, November 12, 2008

International Babywearing Week

Happy International Babywearing Week! Today, I'll share my favorite babywearing experiences.

When Margaret was 3 weeks old, I went to McKay's college graduation wearing Margaret in a wrap, a little kid behind me said to his mom, "Mommy! She's got a baby in her tummy!" I was thinking, "Actually, she's finally out!" This was the same day that Sister Beck said she liked my wrap.

At the graduate student opening barbecue social, Margaret was in the sling. A little girl came up to me and informed me that, "My mommy doesn't have a shirt like that."

Once while walking down the street with Margaret in the wrap (her feet and arms were hanging out). I noticed a little girl say something to her mom and then her mom said out loud, "Yeah- it is kind of like a spider."

I was once followed into a restaurant by people wanting to know where I got my sling. "We saw you come into this store from down the street. We need to know where you got the sling." Yeah. Babywearing stalkers!

I've had a few comments saying, "She looks like a frog/monkey!"

The older ladies at church always say (I really do hear this weekly), "She looks so snug and comfortable up against her mom- like being in the womb!"

Once, at the laundromat, I decided to put Margaret on my back in the wrap because it's easier to reach down into the washers when a baby is on your back and not your front. This takes some finagling- getting her on my back, getting the wrap over her, making sure it's snug and secure. I was doing this in the back corner of the laundromat, when I got her on, I turned around and noticed everyone was staring at me. I guess they thought she was going to fall or something! A couple of people did offer to hold her after that, but after my efforts, I wasn't going to take her off! (or ever trust her to a random stranger, for that matter)

Oh good times!

What's the round-up for this week?
Later today: I'll post the giveaway- obviously babywearing swag!
Thursday: Benefits of Babywearing
Friday: Guest post!
Saturday: Guest post!
Sunday: Links to my favorite babywearing blogs and websites
Monday: Types of Carriers and my experiences with them
Tuesday: How to make your own!

I'm adding this post to Steph's Babywearing Link List for International Babywearing Week! You can, too. You might win a really cool sling from Nonny & Boo! In fact, I have a sling from them- very sturdy and beautiful.


  1. I can't wait to wear my baby ;) That's all I want from you for my baby shower months away ... is one of your slings :) I've been thinking about it since I found out I was pregnant :)

  2. I love seeing all your different slings. I'm discovering that toddlerwearing is just as useful as babywearing, but wigglier with more off and ons.

  3. I think my favorite pictures are of McKay wearing Margaret. :) He should be the poster guy for babywearing: "Babywearing: not just for mamas!"


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