Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tug of War

So Obama will be our next president!

A year ago when I found out he was running I told McKay, "Well he'll be the next president. No contest." Why? Well, it is very improbable that after 8 years of a Republican presidency that the country would elect another Republican. The same goes for 8 years of a Democratic president- change is needed and it's good.

It reminds me of how women in the church are counseled. You hear many talks of "Get as much education as possible" for a few years and then you are reminded that motherhood is also a wonderful choice. People go up in arms trying to figure out why the message has changed. It hasn't really changed- it's always been "You will be bless from receiving education and you will also be blessed for motherhood." Both have beautiful blessings- but sometimes we will argue that one is better than the other- to the point that the other is bad and distasteful.

Politics are like that. Both parties have good attributes and it's good that there is political diversity- it keeps the country going in a straight line like when you're driving a car: lean a little right, then lean a little left, in the end you go straight.

We've been driving to the right for 8 years (maybe even in circles) now it's time to drive a little left. I'm sure our Democratic president and congress will bring a lot of great things for our country that the Republicans couldn't and I look forward to witness it.

And don't worry- after a few years of going left, the country will pull itself to the right again. It's how it works.


  1. Thanks for some perspective, Heather! I love your "let's all get along" attitude! It's easy to be friends with someone who is friends with everyone. :)

  2. I totally 100% agree with this, and I've been trying to explain this to various people over the last few months. Amen, Heather. It's nice to have someone I agree with so fully on politics.

    I'm sure there's SOMETHING we don't agree about ... we'll find it soon enough, I'm sure! Haha.

  3. Well Bush's 8 years of government hasn't really been in the "right" direction. Even Clinton was more conservative than him.

  4. Good post. (I am just now catching up on your blog.....)


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