Monday, November 17, 2008

Types of Carriers

Here are some popular carriers.

The Wrap

The wrap is essentially a long piece of fabric- about 5-7 yards long. You just wrap yourself up and put the baby in. I've found this to be the best carrier with Margaret when she was a newborn. I had used a sling, but she didn't like being scrunched up in the cradle hold- and this can bother some baby's reflux. In the wrap, she was snug up against me upright- exactly how she wanted. The wrap is versatile: baby can be on your front, your back, even your side. I never could figure out how to nurse in the wrap, though. It's nice when Margaret's on my back because I can do the laundry or dishes- no baby in the way! I have both a knit fabric wrap and a woven wrap. Knit ones have more stretch- so they aren't as great for heavier babies because they'll sag. My woven one is thicker- I look forward to using it in the winter. There is a small learning curve in learning how to tie it- but you can go to youtube and search for how to wear a wrap and see many many videos.

Ring Sling

This is about 2-1/2 yards of fabric with 2 rings for adjusting the pouch where the baby sits. I had troubles with this early one because I wasn't sure how to be sure it was secure and fitting right so it wouldn't hurt my back. Once I learned how to put Margaret in facing me like in the wrap, I was able to use it more. I've found slings to be the best for nursing in. You can put the baby in a cradle hold when they're small and bring them sitting up once they have back control. Slings are also great for carrying a toddler on your hip or back- you're going to be carrying them there anyway!

Pouch Sling

The pouch is like a ring sling but without the rings. It's cut to fit the wearer- so it only fits you and other people your size. McKay can't wear the pouch I wear. It was with the pouch that I learned how to turn Margaret facing forward in the sling- and I can now do it with the ring sling because I've practiced with the pouch. All the ring sling positions can work with the pouch. I find it great for going in and out of the car running errands. It's simple to put on, nothing to adjust.

Mei Tai (pic from google images- I don't own one, but I've tried one on)

The Mei Tai (pronounced May Tie) can be used for back, front, and side carries, too. I'd really like to get one of these- I have friends who use these for their toddlers. It's simple and strong. I'm planning on going on etsy to look for one. It's basically a rectangle with straps at each corner that you tie on. Pretty simple.

Tomorrow I'll talk about how to make a carrier to top off Babywearing week!

And one link I didn't put on yesterday's post: Baby "toting" from the 1960's!


  1. Okay, that movie? It was awesome. AWESOME. I've always thought the best way to care for children was the old--as in ANCIENT--way, and I love how the host lady was just in awe at the concept!

  2. Okay I need you to show me how to get Ruby on my back with the wrap. I've seen pics and videos and still can't figure it out.

  3. I love that ring sling! Did you buy it or make it?

  4. I found a BabyBjorn at a secondhand store. Does that count? I LOVED it, until Will got too big for it. But I totally plan on using it this next time around. *B


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