Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Upcoming Celebrations

For those of you who actually come to my blog instead of using a reader (not accusing you- I live on my reader), you'll have noticed I now have a blinkie to that takes you to International Babywearing Week which starts next Wednesday on the 12th. I'm quite busy over here with all my preparations! This blog will host a week long babywearing fest- and will probably include a giveaway, guest posts (I hope), and just great babywearing goodness. :) I'm excited! I love the holidays!

Meanwhile, vote today if you haven't already. If you want my personal opinions: Vote RaDene Hatfield, Boyd Petersen, and not McCain.

At the polls I did make use of my write-ins- especially when it came to local issues like Board of Education. Instead of voting for someone I didn't recognize, I wrote in a neighbor I knew who had some experience with children in the Provo school district. I know some people just choose to skip those parts of the ballot they aren't familiar with, but I figured, "I might as well vote for someone that I think would fit this whether or not they're actually running!" Have fun voting!


  1. I don't know if you're interested, but I've written a few fun babywearing posts over the last two years...if you search 'babywearing' in my tags it will bring them up. I did one like the mastercard commercials showing what I paid for all my carriers, and then wearing the baby is priceless... I also did one with "a dozen reasons you need a ring sling" showing a bunch of uses for it...with pictures from lots of friends showing them all. :)

  2. I actually come to your website. I like visiting the sites rather than using the reader, which feels like so much work to me.

    Which is why I don't really understand the big deal about going private but, eh. It takes all types.


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