Monday, November 03, 2008

Vote RaDene Hatfield

Dear People of Utah County:

Please Vote for RaDene Hatfield for State Senate. Sure, she's not Bramble, and that almost seems like reason enough, but I'll give you more reasons. :)

I spent a couple of hours Saturday morning putting literature on doors with my friend, Monique. When we got to RaDene's house, we discovered a very kind woman. She even put her personal cell phone number on the fliers we were handing out- so she could personally talk to her potential constituents. When we asked her if she bought a separate phone for the campaign, she said, "No. This is my actual phone number." Wow. That's someone who is actually going to listen to the people and knows .

Today when I was at a Honk and Wave, she showed up and waved alongside with us. She stayed with us for about 20 minutes before moving onto another Honk and Wave. She played with Margaret and said that she was supportive of homebirths and midwives and breastfeeding. She said she had midwife births in Seattle.

What the Salt Lake Tribune says

I love that she doesn't attack Bramble at all. Even when the above stories that I linked to were mentioned to her in conversation, she never said a bad word about him. That's integrity there.

So, my Provo friends, when you vote tomorrow and you want to vote for a candidate who will listen to the people and is full of integrity, vote for RaDene Hatfield.

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