Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas letter

Dear Self/Blog/Readers/The Universe/God?,

December has been a busy month. Shall I list what's happened? What still needs happening? It's not very linear, so I hope you aren't a math person who'd get upset by that.

Tonight, my heart is split- at 7 there is a Mother's Blessing (sometimes referred to as blessingway) I'd like to attend. There's also the Relief Society Christmas dinner. My heart belongs to Relief Society, but I think the Mother's Blessing is going to win out this one. Happy birth and mothering vibes are some of my favorites.

Yesterday I bought yarn and a new hat (pics later). Plus new knitty. Very happy.

Margaret is asleep. Also very happy. We had a mini potty strike earlier this month, but everything's back into order now. Only 1 poopy diaper since Monday. Rock on.

Need to knit. Need to knit. Need to knit.

Need to get Christmas gifts in order. And Christmas cards.

I went to a discussion today at BYU about the female brain. Not as interesting as I'd hoped. Too much playing the of the stereotype jokes.

As for my hair, I've always believed that hats look better with short hair. Curls for church:

Ooh as for the mail this month, last week a Diaper Genie showed up at the door. It wasn't intended for us (we use cloth- why do we need a diaper genie?) and it's going to its official owner tomorrow- addresses got mixed up. Amazon's come twice this week, too. McKay ordered my birthday present from them. And I ordered Permission to Mother. I'm going to read it and then donate it to our local LLL's library. Got a few birthday cards, too. That's always nice.

I've been doing dishes, but they don't ever get finished. I watched to the First Presidency Christmas devotional on the laptop while doing dishes on Monday morning. It's a good way to do dishes- I've also started listening to past conference talks on the Internet while doing dishes.

Have to do laundry tonight- Thursday is laundry day.

Margaret has stopped liking baths. I think it's boring in the tub- she'd rather have me hold her in the shower where she can reach all the shampoo and soap bottles.

Also, I'm helping to plan a nurse-in. I hope there's a good turnout.

So that's it. Having fun, having work, having a busy December.


  1. YOU are so cute!!!

  2. Since tonight is less of a mothers blessing at this point and more of just girls getting together to eat and gab, you should go to both. Go eat at your RS thing and then show up at Alisa's. That way you could grace everybody with your presence. By the way..I saw you walking down the street today and your hair is SOOOO CUTE!!! I love it. Talk to you later and see you tonight!

  3. Pity I had to work during the mother's blessing. What's up with the nurse-in??

  4. I loved the book "The Female Brain" by Louann Brizendine. You should check it out.


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