Monday, December 15, 2008

Madonna and Child

Last week for my birthday, McKay and I went up to Salt Lake City. Unfortunately, we forgot the camera (and Margaret's coat). We went to the Church History Museum and in the entrance, they have a large display of scores of nativities that were made in Poland. Two of the nativities featured Mary breastfeeding Jesus. Her breast was out- no blanket, no "swaddling clothes" covering her, no "mother's room" in the back of the stable. I wish I had taken pictures.

So here are some of my favorite Madonna and Child portraits featuring breastfeeding.

(Click to view)
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Happy Christmas!


  1. "no "mother's room" in the back of the stable."

    Possibly the best line ever in pro-breastfeeding I've ever read. Awesome!

  2. I love going to the Church Museum. I'll have to take a trip down there.

  3. Jane, too true!

    The breasts seem to be connected to the chest in rather strange places in some of the paintings though.

  4. I love all those pictures too. I keep saying I'm going to get nice copies of some of them to have as part of my decor. Someday....
    I agree with Jane!

  5. That's a great collection of pictures.

    and also:
    I tagged ya


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