Friday, December 19, 2008

MSNBC video

Not sure exactly how they got my name, since they didn't contact me directly, but here's MSNBC about the nurse-in.


  1. i couldn't watch your video, but great job standing up for moms and babies!

  2. Wow. Since I've taken pains to use a pseudonym online (everywhere but Facebook), I'd be considered about privacy issues; frankly, I'm pretty surprised that MSNBC would post your name and college and hometown w/o your permission.

    Maybe they figure since you're part of the MILC(?) group you're a public figure?

    Anyway, here's the Facebook thing on the Motherlode blog at NYTimes:

  3. Good for you, Heather! You are awesome! Way to get noticed.

  4. Weird that they quoted you without your knowledge, but very cool! I'm officially signed up for the online nurse-in :D


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