Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year

So last year was quite the ride. I had a baby, McKay graduated from college, we went to California twice, I went to Chicago, McKay started grad school, and then some other things happened, too.

My goals for this year? Hmm...

In 2007, I ran a couple of 5ks. I think I'd like to do that in 2009.

I would also like to declutter our closets. When everything you own is in one room, your closets kind of take a beating.

I'd also like to work on calming meditation/prayer.

I would also like to do a better job about birthdays. I used to think that birthdays were just a way to get attention and stuff. I didn't really like that, so I didn't like birthdays. This year, however, I'm reconsidering my position on birthdays- now that I have a little one, I see birthdays as a way to celebrate a person and their life. There's one family in our playgroup who asks for canned food donations to the Utah Food Bank instead of birthday presents. I really like that idea: people can still give if they feel inclined, but the day isn't about getting stuff.

Happy 2009, everyone!


  1. I use birthdays (mine) to celebrate awesome places I want to travel. I support you doing this also (o:

  2. I need to hang out with you more so I can soak up some of your awesomeness ;)

    I have a goal to run a 5K in 2009 too, maybe we can hit one together.

    Also that LOLcat thing you made ROXXORZ.

  3. I saw your story on and the news, thought to add your blog here to follow, and hope you follow mine. I have a very few goals this year. One that has been in the works since 01. The restoration of my blessings, so I can take my wife and son to be sealed in the temple. And besides the norms, lose weight, read more books, etc, etc, etc... I like that idea for donating food for birthdays. I have a friend back in Cali that would give his wife roses on their kids birthdays. I am lucky if I do breakfast in bed for my wife or dinner out to where ever she wants to go.

  4. My sister-in-law taught me to celebrate "important" birthdays.
    4 - because they will remember it, 8 - they are baptized,
    12 - YW/YM advancement and Priesthood,
    16 - who can resist celebrating that!
    Anyway, I had 13 children and can you imagine having a party for each one EVERY year. It worked for me and next Friday is my youngest'16th birthday, guess I will get planning it.


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