Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Palo Alto Nurse-in

This article made front page news in the Palo Alto Daily News today, Wednesday 17, 2008.
If you are interested in the virtual protest, please go here!
Link to the group, "Hey, Facebook! Breastfeeding isn't obscene! (Official Petition to Facebook)"

Nursing moms take aim at Facebook over censored photos

Facebook is accustomed to parents complain­ing about racy photographs posted on its site, but now some mothers are seething over revealing pictures it refuses to allow on its pages.
A group called the Mothers International Lactation Campaign, or MILC, is planning a “nurse-in” outside the social network’s Palo Alto offices to protest its removal of user-posted images that show women breastfeeding their babies. The demonstration, planned for Dec. 27, will also have a virtual component, as thousands of people across the Web make nursing photos their main profile picture.
The protesters say breastfeeding is not ob­scene, and Facebook’s removal of their pictures sends the wrong message to mothers everywhere. AFacebook spokesman on Tuesday clarified that the site does allow breastfeeding photos as long as they don’t show a fully exposed breast.
MILC organizer Heather Farley of Provo, Utah, said she was surprised last month when Facebook took down two photos of her nursing her 6­month-old daughter, one of which was her profile picture.
“Where I live, I can breast-feed in public or pri­vate, and there are laws that say it’s not obscene or lewd or indecent,” said Farley, 23. “If I can do it in public, why can’t I do it on Facebook?”
Censoring such images, she said, reinforces stig­mas that discourage mothers from a healthy, natural practice. Angry at the site, but not wanting to lose her online friend network by unsubscribing, she took ac­tion by joining like-minded mothers in a Facebook­based petition called “Hey, Facebook, breast-feeding is not obscene!”
As of Tuesday, the group had more than 53,000 members.
Farley isn’t sure how many will turn out for the nurse-in, planned for 11 a.m. on Dec. 27 at 156 Uni­versityAve., but she’s hoping for at least 20. She said more than 2,000 have already signed up for the vir­tual protest.
Facebook had no comment on the planned dem­onstration.


  1. I will check that out. Is it a group on face book that I can join? I will look into it. I find it very amusing that MTV or VH1 or even video games get away with all kind of lewd behavior but Breast Feeding is obscene. That is just stupidness.... ANdy you are right. I spent 10 months in bathrooms all over the place feeding my baby because I was not comfortable breats feeding in public. Being a lot older now, I think I would be much more mature about it but women still point and stare....When women can't accept other women breast feeding, we have a problem in this society.

  2. You rock. Now I might have to join FaceBook just for the nurse-in, LOL. I emailed you, BTW. :D

  3. look at you, you're famous!!!

  4. I'm already a part of the group and planning on changing my photo!!

  5. You rabble-rouser! I'm so there.

  6. So are you staying in CA long enough for us to take a trip to Palo Alto on the 27th? I would love to go and participate (even though my wells are all dried up!)

  7. I wish I had been keeping up with reading your blog. I can't believe I missed this. I live about 30-40 minutes from Palo Alto :( That makes me sad, but I am super happy for you and all the good you are doing :)


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