Monday, December 22, 2008


We are safely in California- it took us a long time because we had to have the chains on the tires for 3 hours through Nevada. On Saturday, we went to a wedding reception and met some family for the second time, but I didn't remember them the first time, so it's like the first time. On Sunday we went to church and I subbed for the Primary pianist the last hour of church.

And in 10 minutes CBS is coming for a TV interview. Very exciting.

Meanwhile, if you're in Palo Alto or the Bay area, please come to the nurse-in this Saturday. It would be sad if we had more reporters and photographers than we had moms nursing.


  1. Good luck with your nurse in! Wish we could be there!

  2. So, if I was in California this year and if I was still nursing, I'd be there in full support.

  3. Wow, that is so neat. I'm friends with a famous person! Sweet! I wish that I was visiting California. Actually, I wish that I breast fed so that I could have actually done the nurse in. But good luck!!


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