Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Green Goals

The Crunchy Domestic Goddess asked us what our green goals are for this year.
In 2009, I hope to:

  • Get a new bike and a bike for McKay.
  • Remember to recycle on a more regular basis. We have a recycling box that we have to take to the Provo recycling drop off, but I forget to ask McKay to take it there and it just sits here with papers and plastics just waiting for me.
  • Re-use more glass jars. Provo doesn't recycle glass, so I'm trying to make an effort to keep our glass jars and use them leftovers instead of the plastic Ziploc containers.
  • Get a Diva cup. Still haven't gotten one, but I've been using cloth. It has cut my periods in half (makes you wonder what they put in the disposable stuff, doesn't it?) and anything that shortens my periods is a good thing.
  • Figure out a better way to get to the laundromat. I've been driving there this past month because Margaret is getting big and wearing her on my front and carrying the laundry on my back in the ice and snow is a recipe for falling. But the laundromat is only 2 blocks away. It really is a waste to drive.
  • Use less air conditioning. Let's pray for a cooler summer! It does help that we live on the first floor and not the third, though.
  • Use more re-purposed yarn in my knitting. I'd like to knit a sweater, but yarn for a sweater is expensive (like $60). An old sweater at the thrift store and then taking it out and reusing the yarn? Much cheaper.
  • Keep up on our car maintenance- the better it runs, the more efficient it is when we do use it.
  • Use more eco-friendly chemicals from beauty products to cleaning products. When I buy new ones, I'm trying to make sure they're safer.
That seems good for now. Huzzah for 2009!


  1. Provo has a recycling centre? In the phone book I could only find the Orem center which is so far. Does the provo center reimburse you for recycling?

  2. I use glass jars to store my dry beans. A quart jar holds one of the 1lb bags (or a spaghetti jar holds almost a full bag, which works if you've used a cup or so when you opened the bag ;) ) I use clear packing tape to attach the bean name and cooking info to the jar (I just cut it from the plastic bag). Alternatively, the jar is easier to use than the cannery containers too. I particularly like using the spaghetti jars because those lids don't fit anything else...
    I like smaller jars for storing my sprouting grains (which I keep in smaller quantities), or for things like yeast and wheat germ.
    I also use smaller jars for storing sauces/graveys/etc in the fridge.

  3. Provo has a recycling drop off. You just throw everything (papers, plastics, maybe metals) all into the bin. They'll sort it later, which is nice. It's on Industrial Parkway. It looks iffy at first because you have to go up a little dirt road.

  4. I'm getting more and more into the recycled yarn. I have a sweater unraveled and ready for the dyepot right now.

  5. For the laundry: How about a red wagon. I lived in a high rise building in Chicago with my 1 year old and 4 year old, and they road sitting in the plastic red wagon. The bigger one was atop a basket of laundry, the little one was sitting flat on the bottom. We took this on the elevator of course, to the sixth floor laundry. It had plastic sides, and had a weight limit of two children, 50 lbs each I think. In the winter, we have a pull sled, a plastic Red Flyer, that has sides and would work well for transporting a child (has a seatbelt!) and a bag of laundry.


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