Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ups and Downs

Had some ups and downs here.
McKay came home sick from work on Friday, but I was able to clean the bathroom because he was home and could kind of watch Margaret.

We went and played some DnD. Fourth edition clerics are pretty rad. Then when we got in the car to come home, it wouldn't start. Wires to the battery are loose and I'll probably be walking to the car parts store tomorrow.

I won awesome blessingway stuff from a contest! Can you understand how cool that is?

I got a copy of The No Cry Nap Solution, but I haven't had time to read and review it. I'm over halfway through it. Margaret's own naps lately have been weird. It started with her schedule being off over the holidays, continued with sicknesses, and then is really messed up with afternoon church this year. But during the week, we get some semblance of routine. Kind of. When we're not sick.

McKay had to go to campus to work on something Saturday when I had to do laundry. And we still haven't steam cleaned the carpets. Things keep happening.

Margaret's been naked butt for EC most of the past week and a half. Most days she only uses 1-2 diapers (including the nighttime one). But it does mean a few misses- but lots of success, too.

Margaret has started using her hands to signal to us what she wants (unfortunately not EC related).

McKay just let me know he needs more socks.

I'm almost done knitting like 3 different projects, but they aren't actually getting FINISHED.

It's past midnight and I should go.


  1. Do you want to hang out on Wednesday or Thursday? Toby needs human interaction and so do I!! You can email me about it if you want - krisalis86 at yahoo dot com

    Also, I'm in hilarity over your D&Dness. I'm playing in a campaign for the first time ever and I just made it to Level 4... and I'm a cleric. Of Bahamut. TAKE THAT! Hehe.

  2. Yay for Ec success! We've been naked all day too, but not at the grocery store :)

  3. I hope that the ups and downs soon adjust to MOSTLY ups! Love ya!


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