Wednesday, February 04, 2009


wrote this yesterday, but didn't post until today (Thursday)

So it's February, but I wanted to direct you all to my first FO of 2009. Yay knitting!

And I got tagged by Hailey.

8 TV shows I love:
1) The Office
2) The Colbert Report
3) That 70's Show
8) ... I don't watch TV. I listed those because I watch the first 2 regularly on and we own a couple of seasons of That 70's.

8 restaurants I love
1) Gloria's Little Italy
2) Mimi's
3) Winger's
4) Olive Garden
5) Sweet Tomatoes
6) Burger Supreme (for their gyros)
7) Guru's
8) Zupas

8 things that happened yesterday
1) I finished the baby sweater
2) Lasagna for dinner
3) Grocery shopping
4) Took a shower with Margaret
5) Checked the mail
6) Put away some laundry
7) Read some more of "An Advocate for Women" about Emmeline B. Wells
8) Worked on knitting some legwarmers for myself

8 things I am looking forward to
1) Doing my laundry at Faith's tomorrow
2) Going shopping for Valentine's presents
3) lunch (yay leftovers!)
4) being pregnant again- it was a lot of fun the first time
5) the day that cold season is over
6) when McKay graduates
7) summertime
8) the month of March

8 places I would love to go
1) LDS Church Archives
2) The temple
3) Brazil to try out all the Portuguese McKay's taught me. (beije-me!)
4) Australia
5) England
6) Germany again
7) the yarn store
8) India


  1. I LOVE Gloria's Little Italy too! We're actually going there for Valentine's Day---I'm SO excited! I love the gnocchi with the salsa rosa and the cakes they have there are AMAZING---oooh I'm so glad it's tomorrow!


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