Monday, February 02, 2009


So in the previous post today I mentioned that I heard that 10 centimeters doesn't come from women dilating, but from the diameter of a newborn's head. I saw that at Dr. Spock's page.

Also in my searching, I found this little page, where a CNM suggests that a woman's body can actually stretch to 13 centimeters- giving women over an extra inch! This is the first time I've heard this, but it could very well be true for some women out there.

Also, if you're interested in more birthy things, Rixa posted some links from her bookmarks. She bookmarks the most fascinating stuff.

Links about cesareans

Other birth links (precipitous birth, induction, etc) I particularly like the "risk magnet" description of pregnant women.


  1. Check out if you haven't. She has some interesting ideas about cervical dilation.

    Have you heard of that internal cervical monitor? They clip it on to the cervix so nobody ever has to put their hands on you. While that's a whole other story, it makes me wonder what they WOULD find out about dilation if they used the monitor consistently. Is 8 complete for some? 13 for others? Who decided? Why? Let me guess - a man pulling a baby out with forceps from a drugged woman's body!

  2. Hi Heather,

    Found your lovely blog on mormon mommy blogs...I've just been enjoying your birth stories and journey of achieving an UC. Our third came at home last summer. I loved the waterbirth as well (

    Family & Friends think we're crazy to do homebirth, I can't even imagine what they would think about UC, let alone if they have even heard of it!

    My sister-in-law was due 5 days before our lil' grower, but a month earlier the doc scared her into an emergency c-section because her baby was breech.

    Have you ever wondered about the 44 hour journey of your sweet daughter? I wonder if she was breech like you and just had to make her way.

    What a beautiful story you have to cherish and inspire others. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading more about your UC journeying...maybe number 4 is a UC for us? :)

    take care,

  3. I saw a natural birth video on Baby Center where the woman was only at 5 CM, but felt the urge to push and her midwife let her, and it took less than 15 min of pushing.


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