Sunday, February 08, 2009

This Week In Lactivism

While my blog was on a lactivism pause this week due to McKay's new insistence that he gets the laptop Monday through Thursday for schoolwork, a few of my favorite bloggers posted about breastfeeding.

Emily re-posted an essay, The Problem with Breastfeeding, about the marketing angle of breastfeeding.

PhDinParenting posted the first of what she says will be a series about where our culture got off track. Her first post is about children's television. I really liked the Mr. Roger's segment- I saw it first last week. I'll post it to the bottom of this post.

Rixa of Stand and Deliver explained why we need to see more breastfeeding. When I was interviewed by various TV stations about the Facebook nurse-in, I made it a point to never say, "You can't see anything anyway," about breastfeeding because I never wanted to imply that it would be wrong if you could see something. I'm glad she hit that point- I don't think I ever made it clear here.

Also, another virtual nurse-in is being organized for Facebook, along with a letter-writing campaign. There is an example of a letter that you can use at the link.

Emily also found another essay about birth outcomes, examining the effects of the implications that a live baby and mom is all that matters after a birth. This doesn't fit into lactivism, but I wanted to share it anyway.

And now for some good ol' public television!


  1. Wren really enjoyed watching all the babies having "na-na"

  2. I knew I liked Mr. Rogers! What a great clip, it gave me happy mothering feelings just watching the babies nurse-- and Asher watched the whole thing too!

  3. What a great video! I love how Mr. Rogers talked about nursing as a completely natural way of feeding a baby anything. I think one of his focuses throughout his program was love---and he showed how feeding babies really is an expression of that.
    Kinda weird, but when I found out he had passed away, I actually cried--I guess it's just his sincerity that had really touched me growing up.


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