Tuesday, March 17, 2009

167 Years of Relief Society

Today is Relief Society's birthday. I am a great fan of Relief Society. If you could wave a spiritual "RS is number 1!" foam finger, mine would be a meter wide and bouncing to the beat of the AC/DC-rock version of "As Sisters in Zion" that I made up in my head this morning.

So of course when I was at the BYU bookstore and saw a book titled, "A Woman's Choices: The Relief Society Legacy Lectures" in the used LDS book section, I bought it. It's a collection of talks given in 1982 to celebrate the 140th anniversary of Relief Society. Today I read the first one by former Relief Society General President Barbara S. Smith and wanted to share some of the quotes from it.

"This is a new era for women, a time of greater opportunities for women, of more possibilites for expanding the reaches of the mind and the heart. There is a new sound in Relief Society, with sisters today from many nations speaking multiple languages. There is a new urging for each sister to commit herself to a lieftime of learning. Relief Society can serve to motivate and to help in the learning."

"Relief Society is a story of many dimensions. It is a story of dramatic events. It is a story of humble people in humble homes. It is a story of individual triumph and tragedy, of plodding drudgery, and of magnificent dreams. It is a story of faith. It is a story of women. It is a story of partnership and solitude, of nurturing and caring and sustaining on eanother. It is a sotry of personal, spiritual stretching and growing. It is a story of charity."

"I feel sure that it is no accident that Easter, the time when we commemorate His resurrection, is so close to the anniversary of Relief Society. It may well be our reminder that it was to the women that Christ appeared after His crucifixion, and that His heavnly gift to all women should cause us to rededicate ourselves to the principle of love,which directed their lives and His."

"Our story will continue with every act of love and every deed of compassion performed by a Relief Society sister. It is a divine love story that will never cease to be."


  1. That was a nice message for everyone. Thanks

  2. What exactly is the Relief Society? I have never heard of it before. What do they do?

  3. The Church museum has a nice exibit about Relief Society right now. It was very inspiring and I felt like I'm not alone in my desires to help others :)

  4. The Relief Society is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' organization for women. If it's not the largest and longest existing women's organization in the world, it's close to it.


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