Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Beginning

The other night McKay asked me about the origin of "itsallaboutthehat" and "the bee in your bonnet" and "TopHat."

When I was 16 I tried on a straw hat at a store. I looked really good in the hat. I had the perfect face shape for that hat, so I bought it. I wore it all the time. Here's a picture of me in Germany (I was 17 here). The straw hat hung on my back when I wasn't using it (I was trying to get the sun to bleach my hair lighter). Also, as you can see, I turned around quickly just for this pic- that's my pony tail being flipped around as I turned- just so you all know.
When I was 17, I got my first email account. I wanted an account that didn't have all those crazy numbers at the end, so I made one up that was so long that it wouldn't be taken: itsallaboutthehat.

I still use that account for spam and bulk stuff (Freecycle), but if you try to email me there, chances are you won't get hold of me. I only check it once every fortnight or two.

When I went to BYU, I discovered the 100 Hour Board. Everybody had a secret psuedonym and it was kind of cool to have a secret identity, so I signed up to the Board site and used "TopHat" as my identity when I asked questions because I liked hats. In fact, the "I like hats and I'm pretty awesome, so I am TopHat, the toppest of hats" line was created at that point in time. I played around with names like The Top Hat, Top Hat, but settled on the no-spaced TopHat after a while.

the bee in your bonnet
When I wanted a title for this blog, I wanted it to be hat-related. I went to a thesaurus and looked up different hats. I liked bonnet and the phrase, "the bee in your bonnet" so I used it. It's surprisingly accurate for my blog now even though it wasn't at the time.

In some places, I throw an "8855" to the end of TopHat (like Twitter). I do this because TopHat is kind of generic and there are other TopHats running around the Internet. Why the 8855? Those were the last 4 digits of my highschool ID number. I thought it was fairly general and not identity-compromising, so I used it.

So there you go. That's the story. :)

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  1. this is a delayed comment, but it was fun to read your background story, it all makes a lot more sense!!!!


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