Thursday, March 26, 2009

Birth, again

I have lots to blog about- I think there are 4 posts sitting there waiting for me to hit "publish." McKay and Margaret have been sick/allergy ridden this week, so I haven't been doing much. But instead of publishing those posts, I wrote another one.

Last night I went to a UCAN meeting. It was birth story night, so that's what we did. I love sharing Margaret's story, but I didn't get a chance to last night because there were so many other stories that were being shared. It's kind of weird to think that a year ago today, I was 2 and a half weeks "overdue" and having 3 minute contractions in the afternoon, but I wasn't in labor. That didn't happen until the next evening. This weekend is Earth Hour. I remember last year I totally forgot about it until the next week I wondered, "Where was I for Earth Hour? Oh right. I had just had a baby and I was NOT thinking about the Earth."

McKay jokingly said we should celebrate Margaret's birth by staying up from 10:30 on Friday night until her birth time at 6:45 on Sunday night. Yeah. Not doing that.

PhDinParenting blogged about the Canadian Maternity Experiences Survey and asked people blog their answers. Since I was thinking about birth anyway, I thought I would.

  • How much choice did you have when it came to finding a prenatal care provider? Lots of choice? Or was the choice made for you?
Hmm. I really really wanted to have an unassisted pregnancy, and I got that, so I guess I can say that I had lots of choice. There are definitely OBs in Provo- no problem with finding one of those. There are also midwives- though with our insurance (BCBS) only CNMs are covered. We could have put out the money for a DEM if we wanted. Money really wasn't an issue at all. We saved enough money when I was pregnant to be able to pay straight up for a vaginal birth in the hospital if we did have insurance problems- and midwives are definitely cheaper than that. You could say I had a lot of choices available to me.
  • Where did you go for information when you were pregnant?
Internet and books. I first started at the BYU library which I thought would be a good start since it's one of the largest, if not the largest, university library in the country. I remember checking out Laura Shanley's Unassisted Childbirth, Grantley Dick-Read's Childbirth Without Fear and a couple of midwifery textbooks. I also went to the forum at Laura Shanley's site for information and support. We did hire a birth educator to come to our house a couple of times: once to talk about pregnancy and once to talk about labor. She recommended Simkin's The Birth Partner for McKay. I think he read a little. We both also read Gregory White's Emergency Childbirth which I have as a PDF if anyone would like a copy.
  • Did you know about the importance of taking folic acid prior to conceiving? Had you heard about the new research about the role folic acid can play in preventing preterm birth (if you take it one year before becoming pregnant)?
I hadn't known about the research concerning folic acid in preventing preterm birth- but I did now its importance and started taking it as soon as we started trying to conceive. I had one infertile month after getting off of birth control (never taking those dumb pills again- I hated what they did to my body) and then we conceived the next month, so I had been taking folic acid for a month and a half before conception.
  • Did you feel you had adequate choice in terms of a place to give birth? Did you wish you had more options?
I think I had adequate choice, but I'm kind of an anomaly. I wanted a UC- and no one can stop you from doing that. Even in places where DEMs or CNMs can't attend births in the home, no one can say, "Hey! You're in labor! You must leave your house THIS INSTANT!" They just can't. And who's to say the birth didn't happen so fast you couldn't get to the hospital or the midwife didn't make it on time? (hehehe!) It would be impossible to make unassisted homebirth illegal because there are women who just have fast babies and women who don't know they're pregnant. Now, had I wanted a CNM or DEM, I may have been more limited.

I'll be reflecting more these next few days on my own about Margaret's birth. Maybe I'll even blog about it. Who know? The sockness in the house has thrown me off.

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