Thursday, May 21, 2009

Busy week

While I have many posts in progress, this week has been crazy: revolving around a water heater incident from last Saturday.

Last night I went to LLL. While I have lots of online support, the real life support is so wonderful. I left even more excited about breastfeeding (is that possible?). I also learned that some women experience hot flashes when let down occurs. Didn't know that! It's also nice to be reassured that even though Margaret nurses maybe once at night (and late into the night like 6 am) and nurses as often as a newborn during the day, that it's ok.

Well, I think that's how she nurses. Last night she nursed more often because of teething, if nursing at midnight counts as "more often". And a couple days last week, we went 5 hours without nursing in the day. Was I engorged! She had no problem catching up, though. I think she forgets about nursing because she's distracted by everything else. When it's bed time or in the morning when I get dressed, she notices that I have breasts and wants to nurse. Many times she'll only nurse for half a minute or so, but sometimes it's more, especially at nap times. I couldn't give you any sort of schedule. I don't know how often she'll nurse in a day until that day happens. Things change every day.

She usually LOVES to eat different foods, but lately she's been turning down all solids- including strawberries! I think it's all teething-related. She has 2 molars that just broke through this past week and 2 more spots that are really swollen and ready.

Today, after days of cleaning and dealing with the flooding and subsequent matters, I'm taking a break. Today is just play. I made a fort for Margaret and turned on some dancing music. We'll be at the park later today.


  1. Isn't that funny? I remember my sister being horrified when I was still nursing my toddler. She asked me how many times a day I was nursing, and I had no idea. I mean, does a 30-second fly-by count? You don't count the number of hugs, kisses, or giggles, why count the number of nursings?

  2. Eve is still nursing at 24mths... I think it's great that I can give her something that is so good for her, even if it is *just* to boost her immune system... She is only offered milk twice a day now (if we're home) but maybe that might increase again for a while when the new baby arrives... she too is experiencing teething/tonsilitus problems, and is sooo irrational (seriously, even for a 2yo!) I can't wait for her to get back to normal lovely Eve.

  3. I've been checking out all the LLL groups in my area (there are several) to see which is the best fit. It really is awesome having a few people in real life that don't think your the "crazy fanatic"!

  4. I think people don't realize what they are giving up when they wean their babies at one year. I think it's worth it just from a nutritional standpoint. I love the idea of not having to push solids on a baby/toddler that doesn't want them for whatever reason.


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