Thursday, June 18, 2009

Choose Your Own Adventure!

This past week, I've tried to limit my Internet time to just emails and things that needed immediate attention. I updated my facebook status occasionally and I think I twittered once or twice, but that was it.

After all that, my house is fairly neat (though nowhere perfect), I've finished knitting a baby sweater, booties, bonnet, some little hearts, a dishcloth, and I've started working on dear BSJ again. I've also done some reading and Margaret's been to a park almost every day.

Meanwhile, there are lots of posts in progress, but the blogging bug isn't really biting. I thought I'd list some I've started here and you all can let me know which ones you'd like to read.

  • Some local Provo lactivism
  • No 'Poo update
  • Post on other natural body products I've used
  • Margaret's No 'Poo experiment (may be combined with the above post)
  • Book Reviews (each their own post): Permission to Mother, Hold on to Your Kids, I'd also like to review Last Child in the Woods and Playful Parenting when I get a hold of them
  • What to do if someone you know is UCing (mini-post)
  • A series on Emergency Preparedness and Natural Family Living
  • My experience with lactation amenorrhea and fertility while breastfeeding
  • A personal rant on gender roles versus traits with some LDS-ness mixed in (ok- a lot of LDS-ness)
  • Attitudes towards toddlers/teenagers
  • My hats
  • Summer goals/plans
  • My attempts at time and home management methods
  • My attempts at being healthier in diet and exercise
  • Suggestions?
Well, that's it for now. I need to eat breakfast and then go do some laundry and grocery shopping. Fun day ahead of me!


  1. I LOVE Playful Parenting... I was a little reluctant to read it at first because I thought it would just be silly but it is really interesting (and useful!). Your list will help me with ideas!
    My mom loved Last Child in the Woods. She is a envriomental minded person so it really touched her.

  2. I wish I had such a great list of potential blog topics. I have been struggling with blogging lately. I just don't have the stories that I want!

    Anyway, I would like to see another no-'poo update. I have started myself. I am on day 6, and it's actually looking pretty good! I got a boar bristle brush, and I think that is a big help. I also tried putting a tablespoon of brown sugar in with my baking soda wash, and it helps exfoliate more, which I need because I have a lot of dandruff like buildup right now. I'm also thinking about experimenting with lemon juice instead of the ACV, because my hair smells faintly of vinegar, even after rinsing really well, and my husband doesn't like that! I'm interested to know what other things you may have tried in your no-'poo adventure.

  3. I really like hearing about your no poo updates, and would love to hear how it went with Margaret!

  4. I'd like to hear about all of them... but most of all the HATS :) since I'm not in a position to be able to visit and root through your stash :D and I'm nosey of course...

  5. I am most interested in the no poo updates. (I discovered the "movement" just a little while before you tried it, and while I am interested--and washing my hair less--I want to know more before I actually dive in.) The other two items you mentioned that I would really like to read about are time and home management and healthier eating and exercise. I love your blog!

  6. No 'Poo update, please. And would LOVE a post about all your hats! *B

  7. All great ideas! I'd love to hear the no poo update for you and Margaret of course. And I'm Weight Watchers-ing my brains out over here, so how about some getting healthier talk? Hope you're well and having a good week!

  8. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, and 14. Is that too many to be interested in? :)

  9. Hard to choose. My tops would be local Provo lactivism, book reviews, hats, emergency prep, personal rants, and everything else you listed. Just do it all.

  10. Um, yeah, everything. Okay, no poo because I'm trying to do that, too; natural body products; book reviews!; emergency prepardness and natural family living because I am working on/thinking about those too; lactation amenorrhea because I didn't get mine!; gender roles; attitudes towards toddlers/teenagers. whew, that's a lot of good stuff--I can't wait to read about them!


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