Saturday, June 20, 2009


I have a friend who is an senior in Fine Art at BYU. Last month we went to his new apartment for a Housewarming Party. While we were there, he was planning on doing a painting and needed models. So he gathered up a few people and had them pose with candles in a dark room while a picture was taken. They did this with a couple of groups and I was in one of them. I found out later, that the picture with me in it was the one he decided to paint, so that made me feel cool and I wanted to show it off.

oil, 2009
copyright Daniel Embree
used with permission

I'm the blond one in the first row second from the right. I know I'm not totally recognizable as me due to lighting and style, but I'm there anyway.

His thoughts on and story behind the painting are at his blog here. When I asked him for permission to post the picture here, he also said, "The painting was meant to include all people whose lives are influenced by same sex attraction or a loved one who is gay, regardless of what they believe about homosexuality and/or the church."


  1. Oh my gosh! I know him! I met him when I was a freshmen! Glad to see he's finishing up the degree I didn't! lol

  2. Holly, I actually know him from back in the day when we grew up in the same stake. I even went on a date with him- he was the first Mormon boy who asked me on a date. :)

  3. Beautiful painting, awesome message. How cool that you are a part of it.


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