Tuesday, July 07, 2009

No 'Poo for Babies

I first heard about No 'Poo when I was pregnant. I was hesitant to go No 'Poo myself because I was a little worried about the transitional stage, but I had the thought, "If I start my baby with no poo at birth, there wouldn't be a transition stage!"

So that's what I mostly did.

Early on, her bathing routine was something on the lines of- maybe once a week I'd hold her for a few minutes while I was in the shower. She never seemed upset about the water around her, but I was also careful not to let it fall into her face. When she got older, we had family showers where the one of us who was not under the water spray at the time would hold her. During this early infant stage, we did shampoo- but only maybe once a month. Maybe? It wasn't often. Less than 10 times her whole life.

Margaret eventually was able to sit up on her own in the bath, so bath time changed into her playing while I showered. I would plug up the drain so a little bath would form for her. She was in the bath daily with me, but I only washed her once a week- maybe once every 2 weeks. How dirty does a baby get, really?

Eventually she became a toddler and started getting messy. This happened around the time I started No Poo. Her hair will get smelly when she's sweaty, so I've been washing her hair every 3 or 4 days with the baking soda spray. I haven't tried the conditioner, but I don't think she needs it.
Also I thought I'd throw in a quick EC update. Margaret is using the potty pretty regularly. When we went on our trip to Wyoming, we forgot her potty seat, so we didn't EC much there. It pretty much consisted of her refusing to use a potty she wasn't familiar with. However, we haven't had a poopy diaper since we've gotten back from the trip. It's part of her morning routine: wake up, sit on the toilet, poop. It's nice that she only goes once a day- I don't have to worry about her pooping in the pool or on the carpet during naked butt time. She also is VERY possessive about the toilet. If we are using it, she'll cry because she wants her potty seat to be on it. There are on average- 2 or 3 misses a day, but most of the time we remember to suggest the potty to her or she'll go into the bathroom on her own wanting to use it. She signs "Potty" and she signs "All done." If we think she's done and we try to get her off before she's really done, she'll say, "No" and shake her head. She also likes to read books while on the potty and will sign "Book" if she wants one.


  1. I am still on no 'poo (or soap) with my 10 month old. I wonder when I'll have to start. Maybe never? A bit of water seems to do the trick quite adequately. We're not even doing it on principle, it's just a bit nicer for her soft delicate baby skin. I salute you on the EC though, that is hardcore.

  2. Thanks for the update--seriously, today I was thinking about EC and wondering if I am brave enough to try it (we had an unintentional experience with it today). I was wondering how it was going for you.

  3. Nice to hear the EC update. We do EC with our baby, too, and I'm working on a post about it--should be up soon. We also don't use any products on our baby. Nothing seemed like it was good enough to go on him--not even "natural" products. I have used a baking solution a couple of times though, after he had been playing in the grass and dirt.


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