Monday, June 01, 2009

The Really Really Free Market

I know all you Provo-ites will be at the Farmer's Market on Saturday. If you stick around after the Farmer's Market, there's going to be a market of a different kind. A free kind. A really really free market.

From what I gather from the Facebook event page, the wikipedia page, it's kind of like a big gathering where you bring things to give away and get to take other people's free things. Kind of like a community free cycle. Free music, free food, free stuff, and you get to stick it to the capatalist man all the while! Also, Earth First will be there doing presentations!

I am really really looking forward to this! You get to share with the community and enjoy companionship. I've got to figure out what I'd like to bring. Maybe I'll bake lots of bread to give away. Maybe I'll sew some stuff up or knit. Not sure. Be there!


  1. Darn...wish they had that at our local farmer's market. Freecycle has been lame lately. It's been flooded with a bunch of requests by the same guy asking for outrageous stuff.

  2. That sounds awesome!

  3. I just told my sil about this. While I don't live in Provo, she does. But this is so ubercool, it almost makes me wish I did live there (again). ;)

  4. Wow! awesome, thank you for the heads up! I'll be there will bells on :D


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