Monday, July 20, 2009

Inquisition Monday

So funkyhan was the only one who asked questions yesterday, so I'll address her questions.

What is your apartment like... layout-wise I mean... in the UK a studio apartment is like the size a postage stamp...
Just for you, I'll refer to our studio as a flat. This question is so timely! We just re-arranged our flat on Saturday when we bought a new bookcase! I actually love it more now. We have a pretty big studio(about 700 sq. ft if we measured correctly). The kitchen is nice and large with lots of cabinet and counter space.

This is the view from the door. The tall bookcase is the new one. You'll notice I organize the books by color. I think it makes it have a neater appearance. I made the lamp on the other bookcase in shop class in junior high.
Also from the door, but shifted. You can see the kitchen in the back there and our closet doors. The plaid couch and table and chairs came with the apartment. The big chair in front came with McKay. If we decide to keep it, it will need to be reupholstered. It's kind of on the hideous side.
View from the book case. You can see the bathroom door, desk space, entertainment center. The space that the bathroom door is hiding is my knitting corner and some drawers. It's hiding it for a reason.
The kitchen. Margaret is eating raspberries for breakfast. There's our dresser. See our lovely olive oven? It's the latest fashion. I made the dishcloths hanging from it, of course. :)

From the dresser you can see the fridge and pantry doors.

From the kitchen you can see the front: our front closet, the door our large south-facing window that sits at the perfect height for the headlights of our neighbors' cars to shine in.

It's a really nice flat. McKay and I love living here. I would like a washer and dryer and a dishwasher and a yard, but the cheap rent is so wonderful. We can get all those things when we buy a house next summer (cross your fingers!).

How many knitting projects have you got on the go right now?
These pictures are some of my WIPs and are found on Not much has changed for them since I first took the pictures.
Hair for this doll.
The Baby Surprise Jacket (I had to frog the project in this picture- I only have 2 rows of it done right now)

Fishnet stockings (I know they don't look like fishnets, but when I finish, they'll be awesome)

So why didn't I want to show you what it looked like in my knitting corner? It's horrendous. That's my WIP station and it's crazy. It's actually the last place I need to tidy, so here, I'll take it all down and show you my WIPs and then tidy it. Click on image to view.
I also plan on knitting Margaret a dress with some stash yarn (not shown here- you do NOT want to see my stash) and making something up for WBW, but not sure what it'll be yet.

Any other questions for next week's Inquisition Monday? It can be anything. Curious about my opinion of the Louisiana Purchase? I'm secretly hoping the housing market will drop to those rates. My favorite kid's names? Beatrice?

Also, I'd like you all to check out funkyhan's blog. She had a baby last week! UBAC! Congrats to her and her family!


  1. Looks really good! I like the bookshelf.

  2. How soon do you plan on having more children? Do you plan on homeschooling?

  3. What does UBAC mean? Unassisted birth after c-section?? I am trying to figure out all these acronyms within the birthing blogging community :)

  4. Yes, UBAC is unassisted birth after cesarean. Oh, and WBW is World Breastfeeding Week which is August 1-7.

  5. I just got a comment from Jane of SeagullFountain which said

    Love your apt (but if you live on {our address}, then those studios, at least the one that Tom and I lived in in 1998-1999 are about 350 sq ft, unless WE measured wrong -- or maybe I am just projecting? Although that couch looks awfully familiar -- our studio was unfurnished except for a couch, and yours looks to have been recently painted and looks nice, though the floorplan is identical to what I remember).

    We just remeasured and it's actually 495 square feet. 17.5 feet by 28.25 feet. So something was wrong with my math. Very very wrong. Also, I edited because of the address issue. While I'm open on my blog, I'm not open enough that you can find me and throw bricks in our windows if you don't like a post. Sorry about misleading you with the size of the apartment. Someone around here OBVIOUSLY didn't take enough math classes in college. :)

  6. I organized my shelves that way once! I <3 color organization! My closet is also by color.

  7. I didn't ask any questions because if I want to know something I'll just pick up the phone an call ya, sweety!

  8. My question for next week: Do you co-sleep? I don't recall seeing a post on that, and didn't really see a place where Margaret sleeps.

  9. I also love color organization! I did that with my books for the first time in third grade.

    I'm impressed that you stay so neat in a small space. We lived in a studio (~550 sq feet, I think, though I'm not promising on the math, either!) for our last place, and we're very cluttered, so it was not always a good thing. I love small spaces, though! I just wish I could convince myself to become a minimalist. There's hope, right? (Answer: No. No, there's not.) My dream place to live? Houseboat!

    I think your Inquisition Monday is a great idea. I'd be worried that no one would care to inquisit me (that's a word, dang it), and I'm glad that you got a taker. I bet you'll get a bunch next week.

  10. That organizing books by color thing is pure genius! I really like what you have done with your space.

  11. My questions:
    Have you ever considered becoming a doula?

    Why did you major in math?

    How did you meet McKay?

    What influenced you to babywear?

    Who taught you to knit, how long have you been knitting, and do you/have you had a favorite knitting project?


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