Monday, July 27, 2009

Inquisition Monday

Wow. I got a lot of questions last week. I'm only going to do a few and do the rest next week (sorry Jamie!). You can still ask more this week and I'll answer them in a couple of weeks. I really think it's great to have a couple of weeks buffer- just in case I suddenly become uninteresting and no one asks questions one week.

Jennie asked two questions

How soon do you plan on having more children?
Well, there's a word you use: "plan." We don't have plans for that- not because we don't want more, but because breastfeeding has proven to be a very effective form of birth control for us. Even if we'd like a new baby, my womb is still as barren as Antarctica- except they have penguins there and I don't have penguins in my uterus. In a quick version: my period came back at 5.5 months, but I didn't ovulate until Margaret was a year, and currently my luteal phase is too short to sustain a pregnancy, even if an egg is fertilized. Any mass of cells that might have been born 9 months later as a baby is instead being born just days later with my period. There isn't enough time for it to implant and give the "Hey! Don't have a period! You're pregnant!" signal. So right now, there is no plan because right now there is no choice. When it does become possible, we'll work up a plan, which would probably be dependent on when my full fertility returns (next month? next year? 5 years from now?).

Do you plan on homeschooling?
Margaret is currently being unschooled, and it's working out well. She's surprisingly good at grouping similar shapes. We have those magnetic letters and numbers on our fridge and they are put up randomly. A couple of months ago, we noticed that when Margaret went to the fridge to play with them, she would take only ones that matched in shape. We have found her many times with 3 eights in hand (her favorite). Yesterday it was ones. Once we found her with 2 sixes and a "nine." I've done nothing to encourage this- she just does it, which is what I like about unschooling. If we stay in Provo, we'll probably continue to unschool. I worked for the Provo School District teaching technology when I was pregnant with her, so I know first-hand what I don't like about the schools here (art class anyone?). If we move to California like we hope to, the choice would depend on the schools, but I really like the tenants of unschooling, so we may very well stay with that. McKay is on board with unschooling too.

AnnEE asked
Do you co-sleep?
Yes we do. Margaret has been sleeping with us from day 1. When she was a baby, she wasn't allowed a pillow and we were very careful about blankets and such. Now that she's a toddler, it's a little different. Last week, she showed a sudden interest in her daddy's pillow, so I let her have my extra one. She may start the night out with it, but has never woken up on the pillow in the morning. She sleeps in between us so she doesn't roll off the bed. While we have a decent sized bed (Cal King) it's amazing how much space a toddler can take up! She moves around a lot at night, but I'm one of those people whom it doesn't bother. Well, I'm one of those people who hated being touched at night and for the first 6 months or so of our marriage, it really bugged me that McKay was in bed, too. Then I got used to it, adapted, and now it doesn't bother me. I think the blessings of cosleeping are most evident when we aren't sleeping at home. We've gone on trips with Margaret and getting her to sleep in other beds is no more difficult than if we were at home. While the environment changes, we're still with her so there isn't extra anxiety or struggle to help her sleep.

And here's unflattering picture of me. McKay thought it was cute so he took the picture.


  1. That is so cute, she sleeps like you!

  2. What a cute picture of you two! And that's great about her putting similar numbers and letters together :)

  3. I like these question-answer posts. Keep them coming!
    Oh, and have you checked out They have stuff you would probably like!

  4. I have a question for next week;
    Are you a vegetarian? Being LDS, what is your take on meat in the Word of Wisdom? Have you considered how meat plays into "only that which is good?"
    My basic question is: "How often do you eat meat and why?"

  5. This picture made me laugh because just a few weeks ago I read an article on co-sleeping and one of my friends pointed out that in almost all the pictures the babies and the parents were sleeping in the exact same (or mirror) positions. I've noticed it a few times lately with Asher when he sleeps with me. Like the other day I was snuggling a pillow and I looked over and he was snuggling the other side. So I think it is really cute that Margaret has her hand just like yours. They learn from us even in our sleep-- maybe someone should do a study on that... could be another benefit of cosleeping :)


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